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Scorpions are known as the investigators of the zodiac. Curious, intuitive and often just curious, scorpions want to know everything about everything. If you need an answer, a scorpion is the ideal person to help you find it. With all this knowledge and wisdom comes a disadvantage. Scorpions tend to only see in black and white, there are none in between. They devote themselves to their own agenda; They are enthusiastic about their beliefs and will always make it their priority to get people to see things in their own way.

Known as masters of their destiny, the scorpions know only one way to get through life: on their own terms. In other words, a good motto for a scorpion is "My way or the highway". Instead of waiting for life to come to them, they go looking for it and often think that they are not living life but attacking. If a scorpion suffers a loss, they do not pout or pout over it, but simply change direction and continue, certainly in the fact that they will succeed. The intense passion and desire that are common to this zodiac sign drive the scorpion to always be successful, persevere and shoot upwards. Scorpions are often perceived as imperious, with an almost royal attitude.

Not only are they passionate, they are also quite mysterious. A scorpion doesn't have his heart on his sleeve. Many people who are in close circles with a scorpion will still never experience the depth of their feelings or passions. Trying to dissect or examine a scorpion's psyche will immediately keep them alert and often make them flee behind a wall of sarcasm or defensive responses. Scorpions are competitive and often develop intense rivalries, whether at work or while playing. Scorpions are vengeful and are not very easy to abuse or insult. In fact, if you end up on the wrong side of a scorpion, you can be sure that retaliation will come and come hard. A scorpion doesn't know what it means to stop or surrender, no matter how difficult a scorpion's task will be.

Love a scorpion

Scorpions fascinate members of the opposite sex because of their dark and mysterious style, their innate sensuality and their animal magnetism. Scorpions are considered one of the most sexual signs of the zodiac and are looking for partners who can keep up in the bedroom when they push the limits of their striving for power and contentment. The scorpion can easily select a potential partner emotionally and intuitively at a glance. No matter how deeply involved a scorpion is, they always hold back part of themselves. If a lover tries to access the inner sanctuary of a scorpion's feelings, he can feel the sting for which the scorpion is known.

The scorpion is always a predator and can often become dominant and demanding in a relationship, especially if his partner allows it. Scorpions need power and a weaker partner allows them to have them. It is difficult for a scorpion to find a partner who is strong enough to deal with them and interesting enough to offer an ongoing challenge. If the right person comes, the scorpion will mate for a lifetime. There is no worry about infidelity or stray when a scorpion falls in love.

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