Zodiac sign – classification in Vedic (Indian) astrology – Amazing astrology signs

The classification of the astrological sign plays an important role in reading the horoscope, but before speaking about this classification, you should familiarize yourself with the zodiac, its parts and its division, and the effects on reading astrology.

The space circle surrounding the earth with a sky length of 360 degrees is known as that Zodiac. It is an imaginary belt in the sky that is 15 degrees wide and in which the planets of the zodiac move. It is the path in the middle of the shish kebab; The sun shines more around the earth, called the ecliptic.

The zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts. you are

1. Aries Mesha

2. Bull Rishaba

3. Gemini Mithuna

4. Cancer Karaka

5. Leo-Simha

6. Virgo canni

7. Libra Thulam

8. Scorpil-Vrischika

9. Sagittarius Dhanus

Capricorn Makara

11. Aquarius Kumba

12. Pisces-Meena

While studying Indian astrology, we learn that each of these astrology signs is a solar villa, also known as an astrology sign or rasi, and extends to exactly 30 degrees. Each zodiac sign has its name derived from its similarity to the group of constellations in and around the zodiac. Depending on their influence on living and lifeless objects, these zodiac signs can be roughly divided into thirteen groups.

They are classified as follows.

1. Positive and negative signs

2. Northern and Southern Equinox Tropical Signs

3. Fiery, earthy, airy and watery signs

4. Movable, fixed and common signs

5. Fertile or sterile signs

6. Mute characters

7. Violent signs

8. Human characters

9. Language sign

10. Bestial or four-legged friends

11. Double characters

12. Bicorporal or double body

13. Short and long ascent signs

In my next article, you will read the details of all Vedic astrology signs as given above.

All signs have meaning in astrology.

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