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Zi Wei Don Shu ("ZWDS") is a traditional Chinese system of statistical destiny based on the principles of virtual stars. Virtual stars are used instead of real stars. It uses 18-32 key stars, but can reach up to 108 stars depending on lineage and individual preferences. In addition to the stars, ZWDS also uses 12 + 1 function palettes with different ones to provide great details during analysis. The interpretation then takes place according to the different interactions between stars / palaces / elementary nature / Chinese year of birth / multiplier Flying Stars and brightness of the stars. With so many variables used in reading, it can provide detailed and unambiguous details if the person using it is highly qualified.

The position of the self (or a so-called palace of life or destiny) varies between individuals depending on their respective dates of birth, and the position of the other 11 palaces changes depending on where the self-palace is located. The self-palace is the most important point of reference because it contains a summary of yourself and reveals your innate abilities, your character, your physical appearance, your general happiness and your potential development.

In fact, the Chinese long form of ZWDS can be literally translated into Kaiser (Zi Wei), constellation (Dou), calculation system (Shu). However, it is known as "Purple Star Astrology" in most English writings. Zi, which means purple, actually refers to the color of the aura of agility for which the emperor will aptly possess.

Therefore, other authors can call it Imperial Astrology instead. In any case, the Zi Wei star is the first star in the series, and its position on your diagram determines where all other stars fall on the diagram.

There are two Zi Wei Dou Shu secondary schools that are practiced today. The first school focuses on reading the star features and comes from the San He line. The other school focuses on reading the 4 transformations (ie Si Hua in Chinese) and belongs to the Si Hua line.

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