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Tarot reading uses a card game with tarot cards, the number of which is normally 78. These cards used to be a card game and are now used as a powerful divination tool and a divine way to reveal the truth about your life. With Tarot 2018 you can prepare for what the new year has in store for you. Reading your tarot with the help of a good clairvoyant will give you insight, clarity, find a solution, and focus on the transformation you are aiming for in 2018.

A 7-card spread can be used to read Tarot 2018 to see what it predicts for you. If you want to get a deeper look, you can do a 10 card tarot reading from Celtic Cross.


2018 urges you to let go of your past and move forward this year to do the best for your career or new relationship if the old doesn't work.


Believe in yourself in 2018 and Lady-Luck will be waiting around the corner to introduce you to the right people. Take some time to exercise to maintain your health.


Reading tarot for you predicts a fruitful year, provided you work hard for it. Recognize your bad habits and improve them or let them go.


Tarot 2018 predicts that you've left your worst behind and it will look better this year. Be prepared for better opportunities and more conviviality.


Some patience is required this year. Everything will finally work out. Use the year to explore your creative side. Take care of your health, especially skin and stomach.


A year to review your past, what you plan in advance, and how to proceed. You have to be patient and in no hurry. Try changing your course to get a better result.


Your unique selling point this year would be clarity in terms of thinking, speaking and acting. You will be firm in your decisions and will not allow others to abuse you as before. Things will be positive on a personal level; If they are not married, marriage is at stake, and if they are married, family dependency can occur.


You need to focus on making some much needed changes, either in your family life or in your health. Let go of your resentment that you may have against some people. It is important to keep the mind calm at times.


2018 will go smoothly for you, provided you plan it well. The year is going to be very busy and you have to delegate your tasks carefully so that you don't get too much work yourself.


You will discover a new "hidden you" in the coming months. Don't worry if certain skeletons fall out of the closet. Get out of hibernation where you might want to settle.


Tarot 2018 predicts that you have "arrived" in life. All the hard work you've done so far will pay you back with good results. It looks rosy in the personal area too.


Get a little influence on your mood and sensitivity in the coming months. Get involved in active cities that promote your expertise in your career.

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