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Although clairvoyants do more good than harm, the profession has always had a negative reputation. Why is this?

On the one hand, this has to do with the nature of the public itself. Naive people often expect miracles as if their wishes could be fulfilled with the wave of a magic wand. Crooks take advantage of this gullibility by using fake forecasts as a mechanism to defraud Simpletons' money. In reality, a clairvoyant's work is just that - work. Clairvoyants can predict what will happen, but cannot change it as you wish.

The other large part of the public - materialistic skeptics associate psychic abilities with superstition; something that only occurs in the world of fantasy. Whether an event is a manifestation of natural or supernatural power depends on how you think the universe works.

Karl Marx believed that matter determines consciousness and attaches no importance to intuition. The phenomenon of psychic reading or healing would thus be considered "supernatural" and therefore impossible.

Religion condemns spiritualism, media, occultism and clairvoyant, tarot cards, astrology, fortune tellers and hand readings. Religion says that these practices are based on the concept that there are spirits or deceased relatives who can give advice and guidance. Christianity sees these "spirits" as demons. According to Christianity, there is no reason to believe that deceased relatives can contact us. If they were believers they are in heaven and if they were not believers they are in hell. As a result, those who own and practice spiritualism receive constant criticism from everyone around them, especially religious people.

A psychic's field of application is in the field of metaphysics, whereby the experience of strong application "outside the body" is based on a highly developed intuition. Because of this, they tend to know things and work with phenomena that are outside of everyday experience. So the psychic perception collides with the perception of those who want to know nothing more than the obvious.

Another pain point for clairvoyants is their tendency to foresee the future. These stunning psychic, seemingly supernatural abilities become apparent in the light of the following hypothesis. There is a universal "knowledge source", a huge database that contains all past, present and future events. The source exists out of time and supports astrological calculations. The source constantly transmits a lot of information. Only the brains of normal people have a natural defense that prevents the brain from overworking. At the same time, the defense mechanism in the clairvoyant's brain is weakened to different degrees and in different ways for every clairvoyant. Many people heard of the famous clairvoyants like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Wolf Messing and Baba Vanga, whose many prophecies came through about the important events in human life.

We live in a world of uncertainty and people rarely want to hear about their future, especially the negative things. This has made psychological predictions a very painful subject, especially when for some reason their target audience is unwilling to accept the clairvoyant's statements. Clairvoyants are rebuked and even make fun of inflicting total misery on these people.

The new consciousness is not about religion, but about spirituality.

Mental counselor

In contrast to religion, which sets the boundaries between people, spirituality works for the unity of all people on earth. Interestingly, Christians, Jews and members of other denominations are the most common clients of psychological counselors. Most of these people give clients back, which is evidence of the effectiveness of mental work. Perhaps the main reason why religion criticizes clairvoyant is other than a territorial dispute?

The fate of every person is written in stars. If you are faced with the problem and want to make an informed decision, visiting a mental health professional or astrologer is also part of your fate. True clairvoyants will tell you the same thing in their own words. For this reason, several reputable clairvoyants are interviewed at the same time in various cases of important examinations. Their independent forecast, which essentially says the same thing, causes investigators to correlate their actions accordingly. Not only psychological counselors limit themselves to predicting the future, they also offer psychologically and therapeutically effective recipes, for example meditation, yoga, acupuncture and many others.

Do you sometimes think of someone or something and after a short while does that person or something appear in your life? That is intuition and everyone has this ability. Imagine that you could strengthen and concentrate this ability to work more effectively and efficiently? This is what mental counselors do by activating topics like crystal balls, cards, etc., which you can do as well. So please open your mind, stop the hatred and accept the love and appreciation of this spiritually useful profession.

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