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The strength card is the ninth card in the 22 trump cards (Major Arcana) and is linked to number 8. In numerology, it relates to how you use your powers to make changes to achieve your personal goals. When it comes to strength, we usually associate it with muscles, strong arms and toughness. Although the strength map can actually be symbolized as physical strength and determination, it can also represent our inner strength. Courage, hope, patience, perseverance, a strong mind, balanced mind, self-control and willpower are characteristics of inner strength.

A lady with flower garlands and an infinite halo tames a lion, as shown in the picture of the Rider Waite deck. The strength map is also linked to the zodiac sign Leo. In astrological terms, Leo is ruled by the sun, which represents your personal strength / inner strength. The above properties are needed to tame and fully control the lion.

The map appears when these characteristics are most needed in life. It is a call to action for you to develop all of the above. It may be the amount of time you are trying to tackle something you fear will take you outside of your comfort zone, e.g. Speaking publicly, hesitating about an event that could interfere with your daily routine. For example, a diet, smoking cessation / drinking, or just having a hard fight in life.

Let the power say no, step back and listen to your instincts. Strength reminds you to be a pillar of strength for yourself and for others. Take your time to stay humble and feel safe in yourself. Your life becomes more harmonious when you are grounded and balanced. The fear of failure and delay will prevent you from succeeding. Have control. If not, the environment will control you. Train the mind of your personality by keeping your mind free of clutter and keeping your ego at bay.

In another aspect, when reading a relationship, the card may tell you that someone has to play it cool by showing some self-control. You may have conflicts with this person, who can be your partner, family member, colleague, etc.

The strength map encourages you to stay on the right path and not to return in unhealthy patterns. You are stronger than you think. They have what it takes and don't give up.

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