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Vedic astrology readings have been an important part of astrological forecasting for years. Enlightened astrologers and sages practiced a very sophisticated system of astrology called "Jyotishvidya" in ancient India. In modern times this is called "Vedic Astrology". Jyotishvidya is already practiced in India.

The word jyotishvidya is a Sanskrit word. The word "Jyotisha" means "knowledge of light". It can also be translated as "Lord of Light" because "jyoti" means light and "isha" means "Lord". "Vidya" on the other hand means "study". Jyotishavidya can also be translated as "Science of Light", which is evidence of a five thousand year old philosophy.

The Vedas were the ancient spiritual writings of India. They still play an important role in the spiritual and philosophical tradition of India. Vedic astrology has always been an important part of the Vedas. The Vedas deal with many topics, but "jyotishvidya" remains one of their main topics.

The Indian Saint Parashara is our main source of knowledge regarding Vedic astrology readings. He studied the functioning of the planet and the "secrets" of the universe and conveyed his knowledge of the stars orally. These were written by his disciples about three thousand years ago.

The earliest system of astrology on earth is Vedic astrology. Although time has changed, the way this system works has not changed significantly. The science of this system is very precise and precise. For this reason, Vedic astrology readings have proven to be very effective even today.


What Western astrology calls the birth chart is mainly defined by the Vedic astrological readings. It is also known as "Janam Kundli".

The main purpose of Vedic astrological predictions is to predict important events in a person's life such as milestones, incidents, accidents, marriage, love and careers. These events are calculated based on the exact positions of celestial bodies such as stars and planets at the time the person was born. With Vedic astrology predictions by two people, you can even find out whether they are compatible with each other or not.

There are two main types of Vedic astrology maps: the North Indian and the South Indian. The most important information needed to calculate the positions of stars and planets is the exact time of birth to the second, the latitude and longitude of the place where you were born, the time zone and the date of birth.

Therefore, Vedic astrology readings can play a very important role in knowing a person's future.

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