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Everyone wants to have a successful marriage. In today's world, divorce rate statistics are very astonishing: 4.95 per 1000 people in America, 3.08 per 1000 people in the UK and 0.15 per 1000 people in Sri Lanka. Let me ask you a question: is there any way to find out the compatibility between the partners before marriage? Many of us will say yes and think of various pair compatibility tests that are available online these days. In these tests, both partners have to fill in the answers to the questions asked, and then their compatibility is tested based on the answers given. Did you know, however, that there is a method in Vedic astrology to calculate the compatibility of partners by comparing their horoscopes? This compatibility test checks for many factors and is pretty accurate. In this test, eight factors are tested to ensure compatibility between future partners. Points were assigned to each factor depending on their importance for married life. These points add up to thirty-six points per minute of twenty-one and more and are considered good for a marriage. The eight factors, points assigned to them and their meaning are as follows.

  • Varna, points 1, there is the mental health of both partners and the full score of 1 means that both of them attract each other to spirituality through their actions.
  • Vasya, award points 2, it is the compatibility of thoughts and actions. It also describes whether the couple is listening to each other or whether one of them is trying to impose themselves on others.
  • Tara, points 3, this gives the compatibility of fate or luck. The better the score, the happier the couple is for each other.
  • Yoni, point 4, there is sexual compatibility between the partners. Better compatibility ensures that both partners are satisfied with each other and that the chances of infidelity are lower.
  • Grah Maitri, 5 points. It calculates the compatibility between different boy and girl horoscope houses. It ensures that the planets of one do not badly affect the other.
  • Gana, 6 points, this gives the compatibility of the character of the boy and the girl. The better the compatibility of the characters, the greater the chances that both will like and accept each other's characters.
  • Bhakoot, 7 points assigned It calculates the longevity of the partners and their well-being after marriage. A high score indicates that partners will have a happy life.
  • Nadi, 8 points, It is considered the most important and 8 points are given accordingly. There are chances for a couple's offspring. A zero score means that the couple has serious problems having a child or that they have no child at all.

Vedic astrology can also offer a solution to the problems that arise from the incompatibility between partners. This compatibility test should definitely be done before tying the knot.

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