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In ancient India manner and enlightened astrologers practiced a sophisticated and sophisticated system of astrology called "jyotishvidya". This Sanskrit word "Jyotish" is popularly referred to as Vedic astrology - the system of astrology that still prevails in India today.

Jyotic is Sanskrit for the knowledge of light or the master of light - since Isha means master and Jyoti light. Vidya means study. You can also translate jyotishvidya or Vedic astrology as the science of light, reminiscent of a legacy that is more than 5000 years old.

The spiritual script of ancient India - the Vedas that have led and still lead the spiritual tradition of India - sees Vedic astrology as an important aspect of its innumerable contents.

The backbone of Vedic astrology as it is currently practiced is based on the writings, instructions, and teachings of an ancient Indian sage, Parashara, whose oral knowledge of how the universe works and secrets was written by his students over 3000 years ago.

It will be helpful for you to know that the earliest form of astrology on earth is the Vedic system of astrology and the enormous passage of time has not brought about much change or change in this old system. No other astrological discipline can match or question the accuracy or precision of this divination science.


Vedic astrology cards are basically astrological horoscopes or birth cards like those found in western astrology. Vedic astrology cards or birth cards are also called Vedic horoscopes or Janam Kundli or Janma Kundali.

Vedic astrology maps can predict an individual's future and all major and significant events, accidents, incidents, and milestones in his life based on careful calculation of the exact astronomical positions of celestial bodies such as planets and stars at the time of that individual's birth.

There are both North Indian and South Indian styles of Vedic astrology maps. Information that is required to calculate your Vedic birth chart is the place of birth. H. The latitude and longitude of the place where you were born, the time zone in which you were born, your exact time of birth up to the second and your date of birth.

The Vedic astrology maps show all relevant astrological information about an individual, namely his sun sign, his moon sign, his ascendant sign, the position of the different planets in the different houses, the "Gana" of an individual, ie whether it is a "Debgana" " or a "Naragana" or a "Debarigana" whether he has Manglik dosha or not, division card positions, "Bhava", "Vimshottari Dasha", "Nakshatras" and so on and so on.

In short, almost every important detail in your life, including your career, relationships, health, love life, travel abroad, money, property, success and whatever you want to know about your future, can be accurately predicted through accurate Vedic astrology charts.

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