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Rising signs are the signs of the zodiac that were present on the eastern horizon at birth. The properties you may have depend on the properties of one of these 12 zodiac signs.

In astrology, an ascending sign is defined as the sign of the zodiac, which rises on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. It is also known as your ascendant sign. The characteristics of your ascending sign may differ from your sun sign, and you may not be aware of it. Most of the time it is the others who can observe these characteristics. It is supposed to establish a preliminary pattern of your life and identify the position of your houses in the zodiac. The Ascendant is the most important of the Trinity Signs, the other 2 are the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign. Here are some characteristics of each ascendant sign.


An Aries Ascendant is career and success oriented. They are the ones who are starting to make some changes and have a strong desire to complete tasks. Keywords for rams are inspiration, courage, leadership and generosity.


A bull ascendant is very physical and has amazing endurance. They are impatient and can sometimes be quite stubborn. Keywords for bull are calm, ambition, appreciation and energy.


An ascendant of the twins is flexible and adaptable to any environment or to any kind of people he would meet. Twins symbolize intelligence and wit. Keywords for twins are entertaining, friendly, smart, and talkative.


A cancer ascendant is committed and independent. They may seem vulnerable, but they are actually strong-willed and determined. You can have problems with relationships. Keywords for cancer are vulnerability, domestic, sentimental, and protective.


A Leo ascendant is enthusiastic, but sometimes he lacks the willpower. He may find that breaking unwanted habits is sometimes difficult, and they can also break the rules. He always shares his principles with another person. The key words for Leo are wastefulness, friendliness, pride and charismatics.


A virgin ascendant is always looking for perfection and is always open to change, but sometimes insensitive. He is committed to practicability and maintenance. Keywords for Virgo are cleanliness, pragmatism, trustworthiness and health.


A Libra ascendant is full of charm and undeniably friendly. He is sincere and always gives what he can for everything he does. Key words for Libra are tact, serenity, insight and sophistication.


An ascendant of the scorpion is emotionally oriented. He is firm in his judgment and it is difficult to change his mind on a subject. Key words for scorpio are curiosity, attentive, passionate and purposeful.


A shooter's ascendant is independent and a freedom fighter. Due to these properties, it can also easily adapt to changing circumstances. Keywords for shooters are freedom, theater, optimism and humor.


A Capricorn ascendant is smart and can take on responsibility. He feels comfortable with formalities and is aware of the norms of society. Capricorn's keywords are responsibility, competitiveness, discipline and sobriety.


An Ascendant of Aquarius has a high opinion and prefers intellectual conversations. He is brave and has good coping skills when challenged. Keywords for Aquarius are mental balance, uniqueness, open-mindedness and trendsetter.


A fish ascendant is secret and tends to hide its personal characteristics. He can be pretty shy but overwhelmingly determined. Keywords for fish are sensitive, nurturing, intuitive and talented.

If you are born during the sunrise, your ascending sign and your sun sign will be similar sooner or later, it would be different. If you are not sure what your increasing sign is, you can check the birth chart for reference.

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