The Scorpio Emperor surrendered to the Scorpio goddess – Amazing astrology signs

All signs of the zodiac shift from their masculine expression to their most feminine goddess face in this astrological year. Aquarius, who points the way for the zodiac in the next 2100 years, orchestrates this shift to the gods of the zodiac.

Aquarius, responding to the descent of the goddess of love from the inner realm to the physical plane, helps to achieve an era inspired by the matriarch from the beginning.

New moon forecast of the moon goddess

The goddess of love only began to penetrate the physical realm when she was present at the equinox in March, the beginning of the astrological year 2011-2012. It was the moon goddess who was the cosmic ambassador for the descent of the goddess of love into matter. The prediction of the moon goddess on her March new moon was the arrival of the goddess of love two weeks later. Sure enough, the prediction of the moon goddess was accurate. The goddess of love came to the March equinox in all its glory when the full moon rays of the moon goddess shone brightly.

Aquarius aligns the zodiac

Aquarius ensures that each of the zodiac signs makes the transition to its most beautiful goddess expression, and gracefully aligns it with the shift in power from the God of will to the Goddess of love. While this shift is taking place, the zodiac goddesses are caring for those who sponsored them in incarnations of how this shift can be done. The Zodiac Goddesses speak from their own experience when they give guidance to their cosmic descendants through their energy transfer.

Goddess of love greets aspiring goddesses of the zodiac

At the moon goddess' new moon and full moon, the goddess of love greets every aspiring zodiac goddess and invites her to fully connect with her swirling, pulsating loving energies. As Aquarius accompanies the new zodiac goddess to her cosmic stage, where the goddess of love is waiting to welcome her, the moon goddess greatly enhances the energies of the zodiac goddess and helps her through her shyness as she takes control.

The Scorpio Emperor follows the Scorpio goddess

On October 26, 2011, on the new moon of the moon goddess, the scorpion emperor most successfully admitted his zodiac crown to the scorpion goddess. The moon goddess, who remembered when the old man in the moon gave her his cosmic scepter, encouraged both the Scorpio emperor for his courage to step aside and the aspiring scorpion goddess. Aquarius smiled knowingly, an old professional who has now helped the moon goddess and seven of the zodiac goddesses to their place in the cosmos - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Lion, Virgo and Libra. The scorpion goddess is number eight.

Scorpio goddess gives gratitude

Like all goddesses of the zodiac, the scorpion goddess did not attempt to destroy or emasculate her emperor scorpion; She gave him gratitude, thanks and love when he started to take a back seat. Then she said: "I am glad that during the dark time of the moon goddess I am led to my cosmic phase, because the darkness is my rule and I feel most comfortable."

Scorpio speaks of your dark side

After all, I am the energy that puts your dark side in action and makes me and the Capricorn the most misunderstood zodiac. Capricorn is more concerned with the dark side of the power behind the throne, greed and money testing. I'm not going to talk about my sister waiting to become a goddess myself. Wait until your time and let her tell you everything about you. Among all the debris, the purpose of your dark side was to test you, keep guiding you on the same path, address your weaknesses, make you give in, and become addictive. But once you got it, you passed your test and got stronger, and it was about developing willpower, strength, and strength.

Vibration of love

I'm going to teach you different methods, but at the moment I just want you to realize that there is a "method of insanity". In the past, only one in a million really made it to enlightenment, the tests were so tough. Now that love is at the top, everything has changed. Absolutely anyone who can respond to the frequency, the vibration of love, can do it and I am here to help you with all the other gods of the zodiac.

Scorpio profound

You know, I am profound, I go deep, and I am never satisfied with the obvious, the superficial. That's why I'm the cosmic detective, and my descendants from Scorpio are often detectives in every country, the CIA or their equivalents. During the patriarchal civilization, the focus was on finding every negative, dirty act that was hidden. You certainly don't want to throw this ability away, but as a goddess, I'll shift your emphasis to find the slightest thread of something positive that appears, hidden, or ignored among the sensational headlines. There are more good, positive, caring, and loving actions than you might think. When you start drawing the connections that connect the isolated events, you will vibrate your own consciousness and move you out of frequencies that attract chaos.

Boredom with the dark side

It's just like relationships, but during the patriarch civilization you were drawn to the stronger, more powerful person. The nice person was considered too weak and boring. As with newspapers and the media, good news was seen as boring and uninteresting.

Maybe even you; You were bored on your good side and turned your attention to your dark side, which was out of control most of the time and tested you to the max. Now you want to focus your attention on the slightest positive thoughts, feelings or actions and watch how that part of you thrives and approaches the light. Instead, get bored with your dark side, withdraw your energy.

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