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The changing signs of the zodiac, the twins, the virgin, the shooter and the fish represent energies that are flexible, adaptable and communicative. Of course, each of these signs remains its element, but how this element is expressed is where we can see this changing quality.

Since cardinal signs give us the necessary strength to initiate something, and fixed signs give us the core strength to sustain, the energies of the changing signs help us to complete one plan and move on to the next. Of these three modalities, changeable energy is the hardest to explain. It is a versatile energy that enables us to control change.

In the human context, changes almost always require interaction and communication, so these changing signs give the planets placed in them this quality. For a smooth transition, you need a flexible mind. People whose moon is in changing signs are usually very bright, intelligent and sociable. On the other hand, the same people can appear unreliable and often fleeting because the moon rules our minds and emotions.

When we look at a birth chart, we see that planets in these signs always have that extra power to promote transformation. Since business and commerce depend almost exclusively on good communication and quick thinking, a changing sign among large business people is not surprising.

For every action we take in life there is an equal need for cardinal, fixed and changeable energies. Nothing can be achieved if even one of them is missing. In a cyclical world view, things have a beginning, a being and an end. The end inevitably leads to a new beginning. For this reason, changeable energies are the most complex. You need to help us complete one plan and move on to the next when the cardinal energies take control.

Wherever the four changeable signs are in a birth certificate, these are the areas where a person is most flexible, intelligent, and even smartest. Street smarts come from these signs, as does practical thinking and the ability to multitask. As admirable as these characteristics are, if a diagram contains too much changeable energy, it can lead to a lack of persistence, moody thinking and a tendency to be unreliable and unfaithful.

Because transition is such an important facet of changeability, people with changeable advancement can bring together different people as peacemakers, diplomats and advisors. They are usually also very open-minded and accept people and especially ideas from different cultures. This worldly attitude with their open attitude and their talent to get along with just about everyone makes these men and women very attractive in the eyes of others.

They need to strive to pay attention to details and learn how to work on long-term projects, as their short attention spans and aversion to engagement can often be their downfall. Regardless of our birth certificate, we can greatly benefit from understanding and accepting these wonderfully vibrant, changing energies.

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