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There are four ethnic groups in the Zodiac area: Earth people, Air people, Aquarians and Firemen. It was decided a long time ago that each of them should choose a king and that the four kings would represent their ethnic groups as members of the High Council. For all peoples of the zodiac, the High Council would decide what is best for them. The Zodiac people agreed to let the beloved members of the Royals make a decision for themselves that would be transformed into kings and that would not.

Earth people are realistic, hardworking people who reasonably feel affection for others. They work tirelessly to ensure that their relatives receive the rations, clothing, accommodation and money they need to live a reasonably carefree life. They accept as true that God helps those who help themselves. They would teach a starving man to fish and hunt rather than just give him a free meal. In general, they don't like sticking their noses at other people's affairs, and they don't like it when others tell them what to do.

When Capricorn found out that a king of the earth would be chosen, he thought that the selection should be quick and rational. He set out to meet the other two members of the Earth Kings so that they could jointly decide which of them should represent the Earth's ethnic group.

Capricorn soon stumbled upon his brother Virgo, who worked hard. "Hello brother! You know? Every ethnic group chooses a king to represent them in the high council. I thought we would meet bull together and we would agree which of us should be the leader of the earth people." Jungfrau replied, "I'm pretty busy right now and have a lot to do. People want me to be able to lend a hand here to control the work teams and make sure things are done properly. Talk to Taurus and find." Find out what he feels. I trust you will make a decision without my presence. "After shaking hands, Capricorn went away to find Taurus.

It wasn't long before Taurus was found. He relaxed happily on a flower meadow with a half-eaten picnic basket next to him. Capricorn asked his brother Taurus how he thought about being king of the earth. Taurus thought about it for a long time before answering: "You see, I love the people of my ethnic group and I willingly try to help and care for them. But I also enjoy my free time. I believe that I am myself unhappy if I had to travel to and from conferences all the time and you know how slow I can be to take on new ideas. I suppose I would make an excellent king but I don't think politics "Why don't you do that? You are definitely an instinctive leader, and you have certainly worked vigorously and received the title. I rely on you to represent us with honor and nobility." "

Capricorn was more than keen to bring his brothers together. He had wisely wished that both of them would say the same thing as they said, since he really wanted to be honored to become the King of Earth men. Nothing would be more pleasant for him than to be able to work in such an important role for his people. When he went to the assembly of the high council to meet the other kings, he thought and practiced with himself so that at the time of his official coronation he would not ridicule himself if he did not deserve such nobility.

The Air People are socially satisfied people who like to laugh. They are thinkers who like to convey important and trivial thoughts. They prefer to make a living with their minds rather than doing manual labor. It's not because of their laziness; They just have so much in their heads that it breaks down to get out. They live in a world full of dreams, principles and spiritual powers. They are very happy to present their views to someone who is not quite sure what to think about a particular situation. They are so interested in communicating their thoughts that sometimes they cannot bite their tongues. However, they have their hearts in the right place and they have good intentions. They live according to the "live and let live" principle, although they are sometimes a bit too biased.

As soon as Libra received the information that someone should be elected King of the Air People, she was split between two thoughts. She would like to be the king, but she also wanted to be fair and allow the others to contribute to the issue. As a result, she hurried to find out her siblings to learn their views.

Libra found her sister Gemini and her brother Aquarius smiling and humorous. She asked, "Who among us should become king of the air people?" Her brother Wassermann pointed out that he was an excellent team player and should therefore be the king of the air people. Twins claimed that she was a better diplomat and was thus crowned king of the air. The two began to debate seriously. The scale was the function of an arbitrator. She measured both and didn't like to see them argue. After settling their disputes for a full day and helping them realize that everyone had a legitimate point, she suddenly found her own role in things. She indicated to her siblings that she should become king because she is best able to see both sides of a dispute and help people get together through arbitration and justice. She also mentioned that others might get annoyed with Aquarius' outsiders and unconventional views and Gemini's rapidly changing attitudes. "The other people just can't be connected to any of you." Both agreed that very often people misinterpret them and that it is better to choose Libra as their representative in the High Council.

Though she thought she was best suited for the role of King of the Air People, she was concerned and uncertain about her ability to lead. She hoped that she could have one of her siblings with her so that they could rule the Air People together, but both assured her that if she could ever do anything with her advice or services, she would have to do whatever she needed doing was asking. With her assurances in her heart, the Libra set out to see the other kings at the first council meeting.

The Water People are empathetic, emotional, instinctive and therefore quite spirited. You feel comfortable with changing moods and do not need that life is always happy and sunny. Many of them have mystical gifts and can "read" each other without the need for verbal communication. They see how things work because they can feel when something is true or false. They believe in their gut feelings and expect others to appreciate their feelings in a particular situation. They help people in need quickly and are proud to be personable, friendly and deeply sensual.

When Cancer learned that it was time to choose the King of the Aquatics, she became anxious. Which of them was the most suitable for the job? She realized that of course she cared for and loved, but people often got angry with her for giving orders and telling them what to do. It wasn't her fault that people were usually unable to take care of themselves and that someone had to take care of them. But someone has to lead her and she just wasn't sure who. She arranged to meet with her brother Scorpio and sister Pisces.

Scorpio immediately took control of the situation. "I am the fitting king of the Aquarians. I am powerful and the others already consider me a great fighter." Fish secretly hated him for being haughty, but she said nothing. In its place, it entangled "mystery" and "secrets" on all sides of him, so that he always had to search for the truth and speculate who he could trust. She grinned to herself and realized that her magic would make him stay humble at any time. He could never be very influential and big-headed if he were never pretty sure who to trust and who not.

Cancer believed that she was more motherly and was therefore more concerned about the wellbeing of the aquatic people, but also admitted that Scorpio was better able to fight for her needs. She decided to hang around and take care of the wishes of the water people. Every day she informed him exactly what the water people wanted and what he could do about it. Scorpio simply rolled his eyes and allowed her to consider that he really needed her advice. Then he went away to get his place among the kings of the zodiac. The High Council couldn't rule out excluding it.

The firemen are passionate, wild and fearless. They are easily tired of something and have to recognize that life is more than just work, school and household chores. They like to fight, defy and motivate others. They are always starved, animated and long for something that adds to the melancholy of everyday life. They believe in declarations such as: "Life is a party and should be enjoyed." And: "Life is a game that should be played hard and won victorious." Fire people exist to be happy and not to apologize.

As Sagittarius walked down the street, he speculated which of them should be King of the Firemen. After a while, he came across his brothers Leo and Aries, who were both in a fierce battle that was supposed to be the real king of firemen. The shooter had to stay there and move his head up and down. Will the two of them never realize it?

Leo explained ...

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