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Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, died on September 4, 2006 after being stabbed on the tail of a stingray. The whole world was very saddened by the unusual death of this great Australian naturalist and conservationist who was known for his handling of animals.

Like many people who seem to "march in time with their own drums", Irwin was born on the threshold of fish and sagittarius. His actual date of birth is February 22, 1962. The fact that he was born at the top explains his adventurous side and the fact that he also has Venus in Pisces (which means a love of water) can explain why he is was kind with creatures in the rivers and oceans.

Like many celebrities, Irwin was born with four planets (a stallion) in the wild and daring sign of Aquarius: Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. This may be responsible for its wild and ruthless nature. Saturn in Aquarius in particular would create an individual who knows no fear. The daily wrestling with crocodiles certainly fits this astrological profile.

The reason why he was so charismatic is that he had Mercury in Aquarius. Jupiter in Aquarius also gave this great man a generous and philanthropic nature. During his lifetime, he donated millions for animal rescue and global earth. Aquarius is the symbol of the visionary and the ultimate communicator. Irwin was the ultimate idealist, which is why death was so tragic.

Many astrologers have found that his strange death in his birth certificate was predicted by a fixed T-square, which is a sign of bad luck. This is a configuration of three planets that looks like a "T" on the astrological map. The northern part of the T was in Leo and in contrast to his Mars in Aquarius, which means his daring that day. He also had Neptune in Scorpio, which may mean that the danger in the water on the other side of T. Mars in Scorpio was at the end of the T shape on his map. The sign of the scorpion is known for "stinging" and of course it was stung to death by an animal in the water.

He was also born under the sign of the fish, where Mars was also on his map. This can also mean death from water, since Mars symbolizes accidents. This configuration was also part of this T-square shape in his zodiac diagram.

He was born with this T-square, but it wasn't activated until the day of his death when a T-square consisting of Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius went through his birth certificate and activated his fate on September 4th , 2006.

Also on this day, Jupiter formed a square to his Mars, which corresponds to the extinction of his own life light. All of this happened in the sign of the scorpion, which is a ruthless sign to say the least.

Steve Irwin's death had a compassionate element, and when he died, his birth urus was in trine, and progressive Neptune brought a quick death. It is likely that he did not suffer.

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