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First of all, we all deal with tarot predictions in the same way. We get very excited, but we are full of doubts. Deep down we say to ourselves: "This is not real, it is simply not possible." Still, we do it with a sense of excitement. In a strange way, we all want it to be true; Being able to predict the future would be very helpful, but there is always a feeling that tells us that everything is wrong.

Is it real or wrong?

So what is it, real or wrong? In my opinion, the cards are not lying. It is the interpretation of the tarot cards that makes the tarot predictions accurate or far from the base. For this you need a very experienced tarot reader to read for yourself and to know the cards. Nobody knows you better than you do. Combining what the reader tells you with your knowledge of the cards and yourself gives you much more insight into what is being predicted.

Know the cards and yourself

Many people complain that their tarot predictions are too vague and not specific enough. Well, that's where you come back in. A very basic overview of the cards and their meaning shows that there are many general overarching issues at work. It is never read like directions or a cake recipe. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the cards and yourself so that everything makes sense.

Automation is not always a good thing

Tarot predictions from automated readings really aren't that helpful unless you have a thorough understanding of the cards. Do it for fun, but don't take it seriously. If you want to take it seriously, a live reading from a professional is your best bet. There are many nearby and most allow a free reading, or at least a partially free tarot reading, so you can test the water of their service.

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