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Tarot readings about love and relationships are like any other tarot reading because they use the tarot cards to get a feel for the situation related to your question. However, a professional tarot reader has a natural intuition for insight into your current relationship based on the type of cards that are drawn from the tarot deck. However, to get an accurate measurement, you need to be clear about the questions you are asking.

1. Try to remain neutral on the question you are asking. Being open is very important as the answer you are looking for may be different from the one interpreted by the tarot cards. You often get more than just a simple yes or no when reading. Many cards are drawn from the stack during reading, and all of these cards form an overall picture.

2. When you ask your questions or tell the reader about your situation, provide just enough information without giving all the details. A good reader won't ask many details, but needs to know enough to understand the cards that are popping up for you. People and situations are often represented by different cards, but names and dates are not determined by the cards, but by the intuition of the reader.

3. A reader can see if the cards show a healthy relationship or true love to confirm their intuition about your love relationships. Many who ask "does he really love me" or "does she really love me" should be able to get a fairly accurate reading from the tarot reader. But you have to be open, because whatever you think about the situation can affect tarot reading.

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