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The attributes of the signs (western) or Rashis (Vedic) are the most complex subject for astrology in the southern hemisphere. To determine the properties of the signs, we need to analyze how Western and Vedic traditions assigned their properties in the northern hemisphere. If we apply the same logic to the southern hemisphere, we can determine the characteristics of the signs / rashes.

We see that each character / Raschi gets its attributes from five roots:

  • constellation
  • House / Bhava
  • mode
  • Planetary ruler
  • element

If we look at the zodiac from the southern hemisphere, we immediately see that the constellations and natural houses are reversed. The sign with the spring point is assigned to the 1st house. The next sign is connected to the 2nd house and so on. Libra (thula) is the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere, so Libra is the 1st house, while Aries (Mesha) is the 7th. Capricorn (Makara) is the 4th house, Cancer (Karkata) the 10th. So our first conclusion is that the constellation and the houses are reversed or opposite. The three other basic roots (mode, ruler, element) must either match the constellation or the house.

We notice the happy symmetry of the mode. Cardinal signs remain cardinal. If a sign is on an equinox or solstice in the northern hemisphere, it is on a cardinal point in the southern hemisphere. The same symmetry applies to the fixed and changeable signs. The hemisphere makes no difference in mode. Our second conclusion is that the mode doesn't change. The assignment of cardinal, fixed and changeable modes remains the same as in the northern hemisphere.

However, we need to think more about the planetary rulers of signs. The ancients assigned the rulers of the planets to the seasons. The lights (Sol / Surya and Luna / Chandra) were assigned the signs / rashes of the greatest heat. Rulers were assigned to the other planets, which moved outward in Ptolemaic order (Mercury / Buddha, Venus / Sukra, Mars / Mangala, Jupiter / Guru, Saturn / Sani) until Saturn / Sani (and Uranus) were assigned to the coldest months . When we do this in the southern hemisphere, we begin to assign the Luna rule over the Capricorn and the Sol rule over the Aquarius. Mercury rules over Sagittarius and Pisces. We continue until Saturn (Western) has control over cancer, Uranus over Leo and Sani (Vedic) over Karkata and Simha. Our next conclusion is that planetary rule is related to the house, not the constellation.

If we temporarily ignore the element, we see that the only difference between the southern and northern hemisphere signs is an inversion of the constellation. Thus the first house ruled by Mars is the cardinal sign (Raschi) the Libra, not the Aries. We have to integrate the symbolism of the Libra into that of Mars, the 1st house and the Cardinal mode to define the Libra. The last and most fascinating root, however, is the element. Would Libra be air or fire in the southern hemisphere? This is the most controversial aspect of the signs / rashes in the southern hemisphere.

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