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My husband loves websites that offer free astrology readings. I don't have the heart to tell him that what they email him every morning is one size fits all because not every lion in the world was born on the same day in the same year and that has the same opening and closing Moon signs in exactly the same place on their cards. Although every Leo gets the same reading, my husband still believes the message is only for him. (Isn't that like a lion?) Oh, well, it's all fun ... until he recently showed me a very unsettling ad that the website had sent him - and I'm sure it was sent to all subscribers to the Website.

The message banner asked, "IS YOUR LOVE CURED?"

I gritted my teeth. What a terrible idea to implant them in people's heads! I thought of all the psychic fraudsters out there who take advantage of people's vulnerability and ask them to pay money to get rid of "curses". Here's some great FREE advice for those who believe they live under a black cloud: think positive thoughts, strengthen the light within yourself, and stop believing that other people have power over you.

Here is the message my husband got from the website in part:

"Do you feel that a black cloud hangs over your love life? Are you underestimated at work? If the stars seem to have forgotten their karmic magic, don't give up hope! True love, your ideal career , or a gust of wind could be just around the corner or even right under your nose! "

Shame on you for sending out such a scary message!

The only part of the ad that is true is love and happiness right under your nose. The world is a loving, supportive place, and your angels and guides want to help you make it happen. If you feel that love and happiness are always out of reach, it's not because you're cursed - you may have put blocks in front of you. Are you secretly afraid of success? Are you missing out on love because you are shy or hesitating to open yourself up to the possibility of sharing with someone? Karma doesn't work against you - you stumble over your own fear. "Change your mindset and change your life" is the lesson behind many wonderful self-help books available in your local public library.

If I come across as strict, I apologize. I’m sure there’s a lot of good people out there who’re wholeheartedly dedicated to serving people on a psychological basis. I am sure that, like me and countless other intuitive people, they honor and respect the work we do. I just don't like to believe that there are clairvoyants and media that take advantage of people who are really looking for help.

I have been blogging for several years and get most of the answers from someone I made into psychological scams. It is never too late to regain your power. Remember: No one but you can curse you. Or, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Nobody can make you feel bad without your permission."

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