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The networking of family astrology is fascinating. This child has the same sun sign as his father Cancer and the same moon sign as his mother Capricorn! Astrology is very powerful and there are no accidents. He has the opposite of his mother with cancer sun and moon in Capricorn, while Capricorn has sun with moon in cancer.

The sign cancer strongly connects all three and is a sign of great wealth, descent, family business, inheritance and roots. Kate's moon in cancer is associated with the child's Mercury, so there is a very strong connection between them and the child's ability to speak openly to his mother. Cancer is not known to be emotionally open, but all three share this extreme sensitivity and can often empathize and understand without words.

What is particularly interesting about this child's card is that his sun sign is 29 degrees and 59 seconds of cancer. Had he been born just 20 minutes later, he would have had Sun in Leo. Not only that, he also has the Capricorn moon at a late degree of 28 degrees and 17 minutes and his ascendant is also the late degree of 27 degrees and 11 minutes Scorpio. This is a very old soul that has a lot to accomplish in his life and there will be a sense of urgency for him to accomplish his mission.

The 29th degree is called anaretic degree or karmic degree by astrologers. Having planets at 29 degrees means that you are very close to an important lesson in the universe. Only when the lesson on this planet is mastered can you move forward emotionally and spiritually.

In this child with cancer, this can indicate the end of a home cycle or a change in the family structure. And sometimes it's called a millionaire graduation! How fitting for a king who is third on the throne of England!

Often in the late stages of cancer, people with the sun or another planet have inherited property and wealth. Donald Trump, for example, has Venus and Saturn in late cancer. Or he could be born into a family business that he has to continue - once again, astrology hits the nail on the head.

There is a huge scorpion overtone on the map and it may not be as open as William with his Sagittarian ascendant or Kate with most of their planets on the west side of the map. It will be introspective.

Without air in the map it will not be easy for him to do "small talk". Lack of air in a map can often indicate a genius and a great thinker. Some examples of famous people without air are: Goethe, Hemingway, Flaubert and Tolstoi. Many famous actors have no air: for example Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Laurence Olivier.

Stellias, ie three or more planets in the same sign, often run in families. And that applies to all three. Both Kate and William have asterisks on the scales, while the royal child has an asterisks in Scorpio. Even their wedding card had an asterisk in the Aries planet.

This child has an incredibly complex diagram. It has not only planets with a late degree, no air and a stellium, but also the cardinal T-square with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and three cancer planets: Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. This indicates that he has to be very attentive and keep his opinion to himself all his life, otherwise he could get into serious trouble.

He also has the Grand Trine in the water with Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Fish, which gives him immense psychological and creative skills.

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