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Many people who are curious about astrological signs and the zodiac want simple summaries of each sun sign. What exactly does it mean to be a bull? What if I have a Scorpio moon sign? And is it really sensitive if it is an ascendant of the fish? Let us take a closer look at the meanings of the signs of the zodiac and especially the signs of the zodiac.

The simple truth is that the sign of a planet will not describe you. It describes a certain part of you. The part that the planet symbolizes has the energy of the sign in which the planet is located. For example, let's look at whether you are a fish moon sign - that is, you have a moon in fish on your birth chart.

Pisces is a watermark. The watermarks are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In fact, each of the watermarks has a different taste. This is because cancer is a cardinal watermark. Scorpio is a permanent watermark. Pisces is a changing watermark.

As a changeable or changeable watermark, the energy of the fish is very susceptible to ebb and flow of changes. If your moon is in fish, you may be particularly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. Whether said or not said. This could be considered psychological or intuitive. You may have trouble keeping your emotions in check. The energy of the fish often goes far beyond the borders because water knows no borders and is always looking for ways to spread and find new levels.

So yes, a fish sign could be considered psychological. And as a watermark also cancer and scorpio. But now you can see that you need to include an entire view, not just a character. You have moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as other important planets in your map, which also have their own sign!

Remember that this moon in the fish is not on an island that only affects you this way. What house is it in? This will affect which area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife it often has. Does it get a helping hand from an aspect with a beautiful useful planet that is in a sign that it likes to be in? These are also important to know.

And above all, remember that astrology is not an excuse to take responsibility! This is very important. "Oh, I have the ram sign for my Mars, which explains why I am doing this with X, Y, Z." In fact, it should really be used the other way around!

Yes, it is true, your fish Sun or Venus in Aries shades the way you behave in terms of self-expression or the attitude that you often approach and maintain in relationships. But if you know the tendencies of the planet, you will have to think about saying, "Hey, that's my typical way of doing things, and it didn't work. I know I'm biased about acting a bit like that , but I can change this and that. " approach him with a better attitude or a better plan ". This is an advantage if you know the energy of the zodiac signs and understand the astrological signs.

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