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Wikipedia explained: A prediction is a statement or claim that a certain event will occur in certain terms as a prediction in the future. Niels Bohr said: "Predictions are very difficult, especially when it comes to the future."

Predictions have often been made from centuries to today. People use astrology (Indian astrology, lunar astrology, western astrology, etc.), numerology, palmistry, and even omen watching.

Predictive astrology, also called prediction, interprets future cycles and possible future events through methods using the current placement of the planets, so-called astrology transits, as well as symbolic timing methods such as secondary progressions, arc directions and planet return flows.

According to astrologers, they can predict the future, whether you will have a few good years in the future or will go through a difficult time! But always remember ... things will go their natural way. Due to some circumstances; people's will, the law of attraction, it can be influenced. The decisions made from people can change the predictions for the future!

That's why; as one astrologer said: apart from their ability to predict the future, they can also create the future !!

There has been plenty of evidence of her work over the years. People predicted many things exactly as they happened!

Tragedy 9/11 - People predicted about 5 years before it happened! Some knew the earthquake in China! Even some predicted the fuel crisis!

Even some scientists today admit that the stars tell the future. Millions of people check their personal horoscope (published in a newspaper) every day and understand more about their year of birth. (The year consists of twelve sections that make up the zodiac).

What if we can predict the future? What if a tragedy can be avoided if it can be predicted earlier?

More and more people are now dealing with this topic. Let's make the change! Let's come together in this Mysterious of Knowledge!

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