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The zodiac sign Pisces is a changeable watermark. They can be very sensitive, which can be a plus or a minus depending on the ability to incorporate control and logic into the emotional response. The downside of this is that they can be easily hurt because they can trust deeply.

Some famous fish are Sidney Poitier, born February 20, 1947, George Harrison, born February 24, 1943, Maurice Ravel, born March 7, 1875, and James Taylor, born March 12, 1948. George Harrison is a wonderful example for the spiritual side of the Pisces, which manifested itself in bringing the Maharishi to the USA when the Beatles were famous, and the composition of his song My Sweet Lord. The water quality is evident in the music of Ravel, where we are drawn into the heart and emotions with many changes.

The fish have a very giving side and a female fish can feel that she is romantically regarded too much as a mother figure. While being a compliment is a compliment, it appears to convey a dependence on female fish that is undesirable in a love affair with a man. Refer to her as a woman, not a mother, and you will have a more mature relationship.

A fish is often attracted to someone who is less emotional than him to develop a sense of stability. This also has advantages and disadvantages. Someone who is more distant can deal with situations without feeling curled, and if the fish want sympathy for a situation at work or with a friend, the partner may not be as understanding because of this distance. In other contexts, however, the fish may appreciate the partner's ability not to respond with moods or to be affected by sensitivity as it is.

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