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The snake

If you were born between October 24th and November 21st, you were born under the sign of the serpent. This article describes what your personality and character traits are likely to be, and provides ways in which the snake totem can help you as a spiritual companion.

Spiritual growth

In the spirituality of the Native Americans, the snake offers the opportunity for transformation and healing. It brings rebirth and resurrection and offers wisdom and initiation to a new life. When we release what no longer serves us, it dies in our life and makes room for something new that is born in us.

Look for what needs to be healed in your life, then call the snake to heal it and survive the resulting transition. Transitions are likely to come quickly and dissolve quickly.

Snake can help arouse your creativity, stimulate deeper perception, insight and intuition. It can help you look into the hearts of others and know them truer than you could before. Trust the knowledge you get about others. They may seem strange, but they're usually right.

Snake totem traits

"The feelings of people born under the sign of the serpent can be intense, but these people are also careful. They avoid disclosing their weaknesses to others. On the surface, they are brave and confident people, but this facade hides uncertainty and a need to protect their feelings. Those born under the snake sign have the ability to summarize others at a glance and see through charlatans almost before they speak. "-Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American astrology

They are able to do the same in new situations and know almost instantly on an intuitive level whether it is a good or a bad situation. They may have an interest in occultism, but want evidence before they believe a particular claim.

They are great strategists. So if they're on the go somewhere in life, you can bet they have a detailed plan to get there.

Trust in the people they love, and even in colleagues and friends, is an important need for them. They will do whatever is needed for someone they trust, but once a situation proves that they cannot trust someone, that trust has finally disappeared!

Because they are determined, passionate and intense, contortionists work hard and play hard. They can take on an enormous workload and will be there before someone else arrives to get it done. They also love to host parties and travel and play as intensely as they work. They are good at organizing and reliable problem solvers.

With their intuitive ability, they often see a problem long before it actually manifests, and they are usually right.

Although they are friendly and generous with the people they love, they also argue intensely and sometimes do not realize what influence they have on other people. Others may abandon or reject this arrogant, persistent manner, and then wonder what happened, what they did wrong, what led to the loss of the relationship.


People born under this sign are great for leadership positions and authorities, as well as jobs or careers where they feel they are doing something valuable and can help people solve their problems. This offers a variety of options, including policing, medical professions, sports coaches, and others.

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