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The Raven

If you were born between September 23 and October 23, you were born under the sign of the raven. This article describes what your personality and character traits are likely to be, and provides ways that the raven can help you as a spirit companion.

Spiritual growth

Raven offers magical ability. You can become the wizard in your own life and create the life you want the most and the life you should have. We each have an internal mage available, but ravens improve this ability and are always available to you.

From every darkness in your life, the raven gives you the opportunity to bring light. With Rabe you can accept a wish or dream that has not yet been shaped and give it the shape you want.

Raven totem traits

"People born under the raven are highly efficient people who put ideas into practice. They can be dynamic, but they may not always take chances when they arise. People born under this sign are pretty Tech savvy people, so they are. You can easily learn and use the latest technology and use it to your advantage. Ravens are very ambitious and have great potential for new and successful businesses. "-Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American astrology

Balance is very important for people born under this sign. When decisions need to be made, they sometimes sit on the fence, weigh up advantages and disadvantages and find it difficult to land on both sides.

Raven people hate conflict and avoid people who seem to cause problems. Although they are not known to have a grudge, you are unlikely to forget it if you hurt them.

Does that sound like you?

If you were born under this sign, peace and quiet are important to you, and you will likely speak softly and do everything possible to create or maintain peace. You don't want to annoy anyone and can be very diplomatic and cooperative with others.

They are very friendly and once you decide that you like someone, they will likely become lifelong friends. You are often very forgiving with those you love.

However, you get bored easily and sometimes this affects your relationships. You may find yourself suddenly moving away from a partner who was once important to you because it is difficult for you to deal with the needs of others.

When you talk about demands, you sometimes feel that the world is asking you to go too fast to keep up if you prefer a more steady pace. They don't like to hurry up!

Your appearance is very important to you, and because you are so proud of it, you can sometimes appear vain and superficial. You don't see yourself that way because you know how interested you are in certain things and you may wonder why people think so about you.


If you were born under this sign, you are great with people and would do well in any profession in which you work with others. Because you can be pleasant and convincing, you are good in careers that require problem solving.

High pressure sales jobs that you work on behalf of may not fit. But you're good at making arrangements for others, so social work or real estate would be a good choice.

Careers in the beauty industry would fit because you like to help other people look good. A hairdresser, makeup artist or anything else in this field would make a good career choice.

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