Native American Astrology: The Hawk (March 21 – April 19) – Great astrology reading

The hawk is the first sign of Indian astrology and heralds spring and the end of winter. If you were born under this sign, you were born at the "time of awakening".

Hawks have many of their own peculiarities and distinctions. For example, if you're a hawk, the direction that suits you best is northeast. The east wind brings good news for you and your traditional totem animal is the hawk (or now more popular the raven).

The element you are most closely connected to is fire. Falcons often have a strong and intense personality, which is characterized by a recurring habit of spontaneous activity. This translates into their love life, in which falcons are fiery, passionate and spontaneous.

Hawks tend to be emotionally fast and varied. A "fresh start" is often a constant topic shared by those under this sign.

Hawks are gracious, adventurous, and ready to try new things. But be careful, behind her sunny smile and her pleasant manners lurk less desirable features like impatience, a boastful attitude and a tendency towards self-centeredness.

They often strive for leadership roles and opportunities to be initiated in small, powerful circles. In truth, Hawks are really looking for knowledge through experience.

But to succeed in certain aspirations, or just in life in general, Hawks need to learn to develop patience, sympathy, and perseverance. You should also take care to avoid intolerance, vanity and arrogance if possible.

When it comes to relationships, Hawks work best with the characters salmon (July 22 - August 21) or owl (November 23 - December 21).

Would you like to know your best days and times?

Your best day is Tuesday. The best hours of the day are between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Since you are much more of a morning person than many others, you should save your income for relaxation!

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