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The Moose

If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, you were born in the sign of the elk. This article describes what your personality and character traits are likely to be, and provides ways in which the Elk Totem can help you as a spiritual companion.

Spiritual growth

The Moose Spirit Companion can help you speed up your pace and give you the strength and stamina to stick with a project until it reaches the peak of its success. It can help you work well in groups and strengthen your partnerships.

Some people with a moose totem make a vegetarian diet better and find that they have more energy, less stress, and more endurance. If you decide against a completely vegetarian diet, you should increase your vegetable intake if you feel sluggish or run down.

Characteristics of the moose totem

"People born under the sign of the moose have an inherently positive outlook on life and are enterprising and full of energy and vitality. People born under the sign are idealists, and this trait seems to keep them going when they are disappointed, they are believers and they are ready to fight for their beliefs, they are both loyal and independent and they manage to reconcile both qualities. They are often intuitive and always looking for new experiences. " -Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American astrology

Because they are so independent, elk people may find it difficult to maintain close personal relationships. They want to have a comfortable and familiar, solid base to return to after the trip. Though passionate and deeply sincere in their relationships, they sometimes choose to sacrifice intimacy and commitment to their need for freedom.

People born under the moose sign can be very charming and fascinating people and they have a great sense of humor. Because of this, people can forgive them more than they would otherwise.

Did you notice that in your own life?

Because of their quick minds, people born under this sign sometimes speak without thinking. Your anger or anger may be like a summer storm that passes as quickly as it came, but the hurtful things they said while it happened cannot be easily or quickly forgotten. They can be overcritical and often point out the shortcomings they see in others.

As parents, this tendency to say evil and hurtful things can be harmful over time and is a weakness that they need to be aware of so that they do not.


Elk people are both excellent students and excellent teachers. Sometimes it is when you start teaching others that you finally settle in your life. Any career that includes teaching would be great for them. They love to discover new things, so scientific careers would suit them too.

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