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Come back to your future

All self-help gurus and inspiring speakers teach that you can do anything you want. It's so uplifting ... but ... have you seen someone who lives up to this model? Your past will not allow you to do this. Your past is called karma. Karma is not only a term for past lives, but also for your past from this life.

Why can't we live up to this model? Why do you live a mediocre life? Why do you live in a rut? Anxiety. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of change.

Although there are people who speak of living in the now, they cannot live in the now. You are in the future or the past. So you have to change your past. If you change your past, you change your future.

Karma Karma Karma

Karma is the reinforcement of past or even present life. What is the past The past is your job, your body, your relationships, your business, your future aspirations ... in other words, the past is what you are doing now. You live your past. Future efforts are also a thing of the past.

You have to get rid of the past completely and then create a series of realities that have nothing to do with the past. Create a whole new reality. That is possible.

The first step is to understand who you are. What is the purpose of the soul?

The secret of the old palm leaves

Nadi Astrology or Nadi Jyotish (Jyotish means Science of Light) is the ancient and divine predictive science that will shed light on your past, present and future. This system of truth will show you the role of your soul.

The humanities use sacred inscriptions that were etched on palm leaves thousands of years ago. The information on the leaves, known as Nadi leaves, will evoke a memory of your true divine nature.

In traditional astrology you will be asked to provide your dates of birth, while in nadi astrology you will only need your thumbprint. Your thumbprint must match one of the 108 categories of thumbprints under which the Nadi sheets are arranged.

Channeled by visionaries

This filing system limits the prospects for "your leaf" to a few bundles of leaves. In the past, the information was "channeled" by Indian visionaries or sages. They could “see” the future and wrote what they had learned on the sheets. You are like 1st Mind Scientists.

You see, it means that to have a leaf, you must have known one of these ways in the past and made an agreement that they would help you by showing the Nadi leaf in the future when you need it most.

They are written in an old form of Tamil prose, translated from the original Sanskrit. You need a Nadi reader who has received extensive language training to translate from old prose to today's Tamil, and then someone for all Westerners who translates it back into English.

I found my Nadi leaf!

It gave me so much insight into why I'm doing the things I do, why I think the way I think, why I am who I am. I also did the remedial part of the reading. I went to about 6 temples or whirlwinds of energy in South India and performed rituals as prescribed and even had to feed 27 orphaned children as part of the remedy.

The enormity of the experience changed life itself, but the energetic change that I experienced and the transformation of "me" really took me back to the future to energetically recreate my past.

It is really life changing.

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