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As the greatest swimmer and Olympic athlete of all time, the 23-year-old has only just started to receive the awards of fame. With sixteen Olympic medals, fourteen of them gold, and an expected appearance at the London Games in 2012, it is impossible to predict where his career numbers will end. We know about his humble public personality, but what is the driving force that has brought him to the top of his sport? Read on to find out what Michael Phelps' combination of astrology and numerology says about this incredible athlete.

Astronumerology; Combining numerology and astrology

If I want to know what a person is like before I meet them, I look for their astronumerology combination. Based on their horoscope sun sign and life path number, I can find out which of the (108) different personality types they have. Everyone knows how to find out a person's astrology sign once their date of birth is known. Calculating the life path is just as easy. We simply summarize all the digits of their Gregorian date of birth and reduce the total by means of a fad addition. In the case of Michael Phelps, his astrology-numerology combination has been cancer with a life cycle value of (5) since he was born on June 30, 1985.

Cancer (5) - The bouncing homebody

People born with this combination have a strange mix of restlessness and reliability that is predictable as a clockwork. These souls refuse to be tied to the needs of others and require both the freedom to go out and express themselves and a solid home base to which they can always return. They are cyclical like the tide, go on long trips and then return to recharge and regain focus. With Cancer Fives, their moods are even predictable. They drive from the restless adventurer to the nest at home, as their plans provide.

These souls collect all kinds of souvenirs. The more versatile the better. Their homes are literally a setting for the items they have collected over the years, for things as well as for books and ideas. They never stop learning, absorb knowledge, book knowledge and life experience in equal measure. And they use this knowledge as a competitive advantage by questioning the good-natured, kind person they give to the world. They smile and grin and then go out and take off your pants. Your competition series is there, but it rarely shows when the game is over.


The combination of astrology and numerology by Michael Phelps shows that he has restless cycles, which he has included in his training program with good results. He has made Baltimore, Maryland his home base and will continue to travel to various meetings and performances, but will never stay away from home for long. His life is really amazing.

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