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Celebrities and ordinary people around the world are known to look forward to masters of astrology, spiritual leaders, gurus and talented teachers to help them focus on their lives and careers. Extravagant clairvoyant and master of the horoscope Walter Mercado is a Puerto Rican astrologer who everyone in Latin America and the United States follows and listens to as if the world depends on his predictions.

The psychologist Walter Mercado, born in the sign of the fish, with his unique charisma and his unique style has motivated and enlightened millions of people with his astrological and precise advice for more than 25 years. Walter is characterized by his positivism and his spirituality and leads his admirers to a higher consciousness and to the realization of their dreams by a better understanding of the psyche and the consciousness.

As a teenager in his native Puerto Rico, he was called Walter of Miracles, "the child who could see into the past and future of people, who knew the causes of their illnesses and the way to their cures". But now, sitting on a throne, the clairvoyant Walter Mercado speaks with a Grand Divo tone and gestures, as if he predicted the Armageddon, although he really only reads horoscopes.

Walter Mercado's psychic gift was given from the moment he was born in 1933; In the 1960s, he moved to India, where he learned about astrology and the manufacture of horoscopes. However, his secret was revealed in 1975 by a spirit guide. The master of the horoscope wrote in his review of this moment: "An asexual being of light told me that it was my mission to use my powers to guide others through this very difficult time in which we live."

The Latino clairvoyant has a solid reputation as an authority on the astrology map and horoscope. Most of his fame is thanks to his astrology TV shows, which began to jump in Puerto Rico years later for a wide Latin American market. In the late 1980s, he moved to Miami, Florida, where he began to publish and reveal the daily horoscope to the American public and people abroad. With his charisma and credibility, Walter Mercado reaches millions via mass communication media.

His astrology TV shows include El Show de Walter Mercado (The Walter Mercado Show), Walter y Las Estrellas (Walter and the Stars), a daily horoscope segment in Univision's Primer Impacto news program, and his other shows and Walter Mercado y Los Signos del Cupid (Walter Mercado and the Signs of Love) as his horoscope columns, which have been shown in several publications in the United States and Latin America related to the mysticism in the East.

In honor of the new millennium, the Latino astrologer Beyond the Horizon wrote: Visions of the New Millennium, in which the common New Age ideas are repeated. Beyond the Horizon assumes that we are now in a painful transition phase between the Age of Pisces and Aquarius. While the Age of Pisces was marked by selfishness and war, the Age of Aquarius will bring peace, honesty, the development of new psychic abilities and even contact with beings on other planets.

He wrote about his book and the New Age Age of the aquarium: "The Aquarian Age will be a time when men and women come together and see themselves as people, not as men or women," writes Mercado. "It is a time of integration, a time to connect these two energies in us - the yin and the yang."

The trademark of the Latino astrologer are his colorful capes, designer suits and his sharp wit. He often includes world situations, politics, the Bible and numerous other topics in his predictions.

Nowadays Mercado writes the horoscope for several Spanish newspapers, television programs and publications.

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