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When searching for zodiac matches, there are certain pointers that we can use to determine when zodiac compatibility is strong. There are different ways of interpreting the meanings of the zodiac signs and different categories into which the love zodiac signs are divided.

Of course, each zodiac sign has a number of properties that give us a general picture of the occupier of this love zodiac sign. There are differences within each character, which depend on when the birth actually took place in the month and which planets influenced the house at the time of birth. We can't expect everyone born in the same month to be characteristic clones of each other ... however there will be general similarities.

In addition to the meanings of the zodiac signs themselves, there are three other areas of classification that help to build the image of the compatibility of love signs.

Each zodiac sign has a positive or negative polarity. Positive is also known as male and its characteristics are spontaneity and self-expression. The negative polarity is also called female and can be described as passive and withdrawn. These polarities are evenly distributed so that there are six signs.

Every love zodiac has a main element and each element helps to describe the personality type of the individual. Fire, earth, air and water form the four essential elements and each has a strong influence on the signs contained therein. The four elements are also known as triplices, which may seem strange since there are four of them, but the name actually refers to the three characters that are in each triplice.

Fire Signs are fleeting and lively, honest and passionate. They have great energy for life and adventure and bring that energy into every endeavor they pursue. Sagittarius, lion and ram are fire.

earth Signs are solid, reliable, and dependable. They are good organizers down to earth and work very hard. They are not big lovers of change, but they are stable and can often be materialistic. Capricorn, bull and virgin are earth.

air Signs are clear thinkers with lively heads. They will plan meticulously before acting. They are often in their own thoughts and ideas and therefore sometimes difficult to reach. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are Earth.

water Signs are sensitive, sensitive, and caring. Their hearts will surely rule their heads and they will respond emotionally to most situations. Watermarks are tailored to the needs and requirements of others. Scorpio, cancer and fish are water.

There is another category into which the signs of the zodiac are divided and one that can help us to make horoscope love compatible, and that is fourfold. In astrology, the quadruplets represent the three modes of operation and show us three different types of energy. These modalities are: cardinal, fixed and changeable, and each category contains four characters, hence the name.

cardinal Zodiac signs often make great leaders. In business, they like to be the top person, the person in charge, and many tend to do business. They are sociable and will take the initiative in any situation. If you know someone whose zodiac sign is Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer, then you know someone who is a cardinal.

Firmly Zodiac signs contain people who could be said to be set in their own way, as the name suggests, to be firm, solid, and reliable. Seek them out if you are an employer because you will not find a better worker who always makes the greatest effort. Although they may appear reluctant in their personality at times, they have a funny side, but may hesitate to bring them out right away. Scorpio, lion, bull and Aquarius form the fixed category.

Changeable Zodiac signs make up the third of the quadruplets. Changing means that can change, inconsistent ... and that certainly describes the residents of this group. They get along easily and flexibly with almost everyone and do well in any environment. Professionally, they are characterized by working with people and are good entertainers and actors. If you are a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, then you are a variable star sign.

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