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An astrological birth or birth chart is a graphical and mathematical representation of the planets in the sky at the exact time of your birth. Month, day, year, time and place are taken into account when determining the ascending sign or ascendant on the eastern horizon. The rest of the diagram follows counterclockwise in a 360 degree circle divided into twelve slices of the "cake". These discs are called houses and represent areas of your life. The twelve characters are also arranged around the wheel and begin with the rising character. The planets are then placed in the houses they belong to, based on the sign and degree of the sign they occupied at your time of birth.

The planets in their place nod at each other and create patterns of energy flow called Aspects. The birth chart is a valuable life navigation card. I firmly believe that every adult can benefit from the self-knowledge that they have gained by studying the basics of astrology and applying it to the analysis of their own birth chart or through advice from an experienced astrologer. Likewise, every child can benefit from having a parent or carer analyze their chart.

Thanks to computers that can easily store and calculate the atlas and ephemeris data required to create a birth horoscope and the mathematical equations required to create a birth horoscope, every curious handyman can find Google's "free birth horoscope" and be a reliable source for find a diagram. I recommend a detailed but entertaining book by Debra Kempton-Smith, Secrets from a Stargazer Notebook: Let Astrology Work for You, as the ideal companion for your journey to self-discovery. If you are looking for a personal astrologer, ask them if they use a computer-generated interpretation program or interpret their birth chart themselves. When you pay for work experience and personal service, you should expect this.

Be sure to keep your dates of birth. It is not uncommon for something that was mentioned at the time of reading not to be relevant to your life, but for it to become important later - in fact, this is the norm.

The planets in our birth chart form a picture of us. Just as the ages of infants, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, and adults have changed us, but we can still see the essence of who we are in the earliest photos, planets continue to move through what we call birth transits. Planetary transits can affect us on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and trigger events, decisions and transformations. The birth chart retains the essence as the transit planets activate the energy within the diagram. We change while remaining the same essence.

Solar return charts created from birth dates can be analyzed annually around the birthday to be considered along with the birth chart and transits for a deeper look into the potential year. An advanced chart can be used in a similar way. Both the solar return and the progress cards are usually displayed next to and in relation to the birth card.

Many people who have not resonated with the astrology of the sun signs or the daily horoscopes find out why this is the case when reading a birth card. Often other planets in the first house of self have more strength, the sun itself is either weak or untouched, or there is a cluster or star of planets in another sign that becomes dominant for the expression of personality traits.

The moon rules emotions and is feminine in nature. The sun has more to do with ego and self-identification and is male in nature. It is not uncommon for a woman to be more like her moon sign than her sun sign. The best moments for me as an astrologer are those of confirmation. Many people have an inner longing to pursue a particular thing, but suppress the desire for a number of reasons. If I come across this particular thing in their birth chart without you mentioning it before reading it, I can see her entire face light up with excitement. The usual exclamation of amazement is: "I always wanted (fill in the gap), but I never (fill in the gap)." The astrological confirmation of their inner self is often the means to instill trust, to remove the "but".

The first and most important birthday present we receive is the moment of our birth. Unfortunately, for many people, this gift remains unopened because they don't know that there is a way to open it. Fortunately, the usefulness of the gift doesn't diminish over time and it will matter to you whenever you open it.

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