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A weak Saturn evokes seriousness. Trends in prudence and laziness can also be seen in one person.

A person affected by an unfavorable Saturn is regularly bleak. Such a person could become addicted to junk meals or alcohol and various addictive substances. The cause of constant suffering and problems for someone can be a weak Saturn. It also keeps the thoughts unsatisfied and restless.

While Saturn is vulnerable or unfavorable, one tends to be overly irritable. He is likely to be humiliated by his own people because of his cruel or ignorant movements.

People affected by Saturn are stubborn and determined. They remain stressed until they take revenge on their enemies.

If Saturn is weak, stomach disorders such as abdominal pain and stomach problems can also occur.

Financial losses and problems occur in every woman who goes through an unfavorable Saturn phase.

Any part of a built house or a house below production can also fall due to the effects of an unfavorable Saturn. You can also face other problems related to the house.

Restore an iron nail at the main entrance to the house to defend your own home. This could reduce Saturn's disease outcomes.

Feeding fish with rice or legumes brings the benefits of Saturn.

Pour mustard oil into a clay or glass box and bury it on the back of a pond to strengthen Saturn.

Stay away from trading heavy equipment.

Treatments to reduce the ill effects of an unfavorable Saturn

Lal Kitaab explains the results of Saturn and also reports on the associated remedies. In order to reinforce the favorable consequences of Saturn, some simple means are offered in Lal Kitaab.

Black Surma should be buried in the ground to benefit from it in the company.

You should apply mustard oil to bread and feed it to a dog to keep Saturn strong and achieve its beneficial consequences.

The donation of mustard oil together with the field on Saturday reduces the sick consequences of Saturn and offers the blessing of the sun.

Sit over water or donate the things that are governed by Saturn, such as urad, sesame, iron and leather.

Maintaining good behavior and averting meat and alcohol reduces the harmful effects.

Providing milk based on a banyan tree and then using the moist soil as a tilak for your forehead increases the beneficial effects of Saturn.

Visit a temple regularly. Donate Urad, black pepper, black peas and sandalwood to the temple according to your capacity.

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