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Jupiter is the planet that represents the universal principle of expansion. Where it is in your diagram shows with signs and house where this extension would like to be expressed in your life. Jupiter is associated with all aspects of higher learning and broad areas of knowledge such as psychology, education, spirituality, healing and law. Those who have a strong Jupiter influence in their diagrams, either by sun aspect or by house position, often work in these study areas.

In India, Jupiter is known as "Guru", which means "teacher" or "expeller of darkness". Jupiter shows where we can achieve the greatest expansion in our lives and where we can help others to expand in their lives. Jupiter takes about a year to walk or travel each sign and twelve years to orbit the sun. This means that Jupiter returns to the position it was at when you were born every twelve years. The Jupiter return marks the beginning of a brand new 12 year growth and expansion cycle. The year of Jupiter's return is a particularly powerful year, as it means a new commitment for every character that Jupiter places on the birth certificate.

If you do not know which character Jupiter is placed in your birth chart, you can go to the Jupiter character table at http://cafeastrology.com/jupitersigntables.html and look it up. Once you know what character Jupiter is in, you can look below to see your interpretation. Once you have your astrological map and can determine which house Jupiter is in, you can add an additional demarcation level. For example, I have Jupiter in Aries in 10th house, so I would read the description for Jupiter in Aries plus Jupiter in Capricorn / 10th house. This means that for me Jupiter is a mixture of energy from the 1st house and the 10th house. It is therefore not surprising that I am professionally a life counselor and a transpersonal counselor who specializes in personal empowerment.

Jupiter in the Aries / 1st house. At Jupiter in Aries / 1st house, the focus is on personal empowerment and initiation. Jupiter in Aries gives you the courage and the determination to face new challenges and take action. Jupiter in Aries stands for the pioneering spirit, the desire to move forward and to be an innovator in the field you have chosen. You can use your Jupiter in Aries to improve yourself through confident and self-confident activities.

Jupiter in the bull / 2nd house. Jupiter in the bull / 2nd house connects you again with the wisdom of the natural world. Jupiter in the bull calls you to learn from the wisdom of your body and the earth. Jupiter in Taurus is the natural ecologist who helps us see how closely we are connected to the planet. The esoteric ruler of the bull is the earth. Jupiter in Taurus helps you expand your awareness by adjusting to the wisdom of earthbound or indigenous spirituality.

Jupiter in Gemini / 3rd house. Jupiter in Gemini / 3rd House asks you to reconcile the accumulation of knowledge (Gemini) with wisdom (Jupiter). If you are too involved in the quest for knowledge, you can lose track. Your values, ideals and connection with the mind. Jupiter in Gemini asks you to learn how to distinguish between useful and expansive knowledge and knowledge that has no real meaning in your life.

Jupiter in Cancer / 4th house. Jupiter in Cancer / 4th House Individuals learn to serve others without losing themselves. This requires tapping into the energy source (filling the cup) so that you can serve without regret or burnout. You will learn how to embody these qualities without the "suffocating mother" effect in an unusually compassionate and nurturing way.

Jupiter in the lion / 5th house. Jupiter in Leo / 5th house enhances your creativity through artistic or expressive outlets. The combination of the sun (the ruling planet Leo) with Jupiter is a very effective recipe for optimism, growth and creative expression. Jupiter in Leo represents the inner child who creates his life exactly as it should be. With Jupiter in Leo you can ignite your inner fire of creativity, innovative spirit and passion for life.

Jupiter in Jungfrau / 6th house. Jupiter in Jungfrau / 6th house can be compared to the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Virgo is the sign of the concrete mind and alone can emphasize more of the critical aspects of thinking; Analysis, quantification, detail orientation as well as linear and sequential processing. With Jupiter in Virgo you have the opportunity to broaden your perception to see both the details and the whole at the same time.

Jupiter in the Libra / 7th house. Jupiter in Libra / 7th House is strongly committed to the principles of justice, equality and partnership. The partnership model is based on equality and the desire to create win-win situations for everyone. Hopefully this win-win scenario will also bring more peace and equality to the world. Jupiter in Libra also represents the expansion (Jupiter) of peace (Libra). Remember that the peace you are looking for in the world begins in itself.

Jupiter in Scorpio / 8th house. At Jupiter in Scorpio / 8th house, the focus is on expanding consciousness (Jupiter) through acceptance of the personal shadow (Scorpio). When you learn to accept the deeper aspects of your personality; With intense emotion, strength and sexuality, you can be a positive mentor for others. Allowing these "shadow" areas to be simple without judging them or projecting them onto others brings a new freedom both personally and collectively.

Jupiter in Sagittarius / 9th house. Jupiter in Sagittarius / 9th house teaches you to trust your inner wisdom and to expand your awareness and understanding. The first step is to find out how you can unlock universal wisdom through body, mind, emotions and mind. Jupiter in Sagittarius represents universal teachers and teachings that will exalt the masses. You are asked to access your own wisdom and share it with others.

Jupiter in Capricorn / 10th house. Jupiter in Capricorn / 10th House combines the idealism of Jupiter with the realism of Saturn (the ruler of the Capricorn). You are the "practical idealist" who has the ability to manifest your dreams and bring them to earth. Because you work with the universal principles of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn), it is important to strike a balance so that you can grow and expand sustainably.

Jupiter in Aquarius / 11th house. Your Jupiter in Aquarius / 11th house will take you to the forefront of change. They are deeply interested in positive evolution that promotes new collective paradigms and are interested in community, political or social work. Jupiter in Aquarius also shows an interest in the latest healing technologies that use energy, light and sound. Above all, you are a lawyer for those who have no voice or who are alienated or ignored by mainstream society.

Jupiter in Pisces / 12th house. With Jupiter in Pisces / 12th House, you are called upon to expand your ability to trust universal support. By giving up the illusion of being in control, you are creating the opportunity for a deeper experience of faith and trust in the universe. Jupiter in Pisces reminds you that you are connected to a larger whole; that you are not separated from god / goddess. The key words to facilitate this process are devotion, belief and trust.

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