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The lover card is the seventh card in the 22 trump cards (Major Arcana) and is associated with number 6. When the card is drawn in a reading, it is a good omen card when it comes to love, but does not necessarily mean that it is related to love. It is more about the decisions that two people who take care of each other, make decisions in life about their future lives and take personal responsibility for these decisions.

As shown in the picture of the Rider Waite Deck, a sun symbolizes enlightenment, growth, health and positivity. There are three figures. an angel, a naked man and a naked woman who represent Adam and Eve. This can indicate that a matchmaker is involved, or it can represent a third party. i.e. either one or possibly both can cheat or have an affair. A snake that wraps around the red apple tree behind Eva symbolizes the insidious prospect of sexual temptation. While the apple fruit symbolizes their desire for passion and reminds them of their past mistakes.

In a different relationship context, it is often a good sign that your relationship is positive and will soon reach a whole new, deeper level. It can be a sign that a marriage is coming soon. Traveling with your partner may not always go smoothly. Love decides to brave the rain together despite the bad days. Show gratitude, help each other grow, and broaden your horizons.

If you are single and hope to meet someone, there is a good chance that he / she will soon enter your life. Consider other cards drawn to determine if he / she is a suitable partner or not. If you don't expect to be in a partnership, prepare your heart, home, or work place to welcome a new person or animal.

In a career or business reading, the Lovers card suggests unions and harmonious partnerships. This can also indicate that you have made an important decision.

On a personal level, you could make a life-changing decision that has a lot of emotional baggage in your heart. This could mean a choice between two parties, i. H. Between a lover and someone who is important in your life (possibly a parent). If such a choice appears, follow your heart based on your intuition. It is a reminder to do things with love and a positive attitude and intention.

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