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I remember reading about my zodiac sign in various newspapers when I was growing up and thinking about how general it was. As I read my sign from time to time, I didn't take much notice of what I was reading.

After a while I soon turned my back on him and saw it as a joke. This was before I was on my way and started reading books about self-development and dealing with my own pain.

The birth certificate

I couldn't accept that my zodiac sign could provide a reasonable description of who I was or how I would live my life. In 2011, however, I found that astrology had much more to offer than I had ever realized.

A friend asked me for a few details so that he could make my birth certificate, and the details he wanted were: my date of birth, my time of birth and my place of birth. I soon found that this was my full astrological portrait and that my zodiac sign was only a part.

Much information

What I had in front of me was nothing more than what I had read about in a newspaper; It was the difference between a plate of food and a table full of different dishes. I came to see that I had four main characters.

However, it didn't stop there because there were all the planets and aspects that added more depth. My mind was like a kid in a toy store; I could not hold back and warned to go through everything.

The big four

I learned that my zodiac sign was related to how people saw me when they met me. My ascending / ascending sign was how people saw me when they first met me. My noon sign was my emotional style and how I reacted to things, and my mid-heave sign related to my life path. In the end, I entered each of these characters into a search engine and looked through pages and pages of information.

I wanted to find out as much as possible and see how each character affected me and how it affected the other characters. In the months and years that followed, I spent a lot of time and energy going through my birth certificate.

A powerful tool

This allowed me to learn a lot about myself - I found that much of what I admired about others was waiting to be developed within me. I also learned about others.

And although I've spent a lot of time reviewing my chart over the years, I'm still learning more. If I had had a closed mind and stood by the view I had over astrology all those years ago, I would have missed a lot of powerful information.

Final thoughts

I think it's important to be open and at least try something. That doesn't mean that I accepted everything I read and went through something just because it made me appear in a positive light - far from it.

Critical thinking and questioning also help minimize the likelihood of being deceived and develop a big ego. If you want to look through your own birth chart, you can do so by entering "Birth Chart" in a search engine.

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