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Real players have the power to entertain girls and give them an intense attraction very quickly. It only takes me about fifteen minutes to make a girl mine, and I'll show you in this article how you can do the same.

To begin with, we need to discuss the illogical, debilitating feeling of fear that comes up when you approach a girl. If you want to ease that feeling, you need to be absolutely sure that what you are doing is working. You can use the tips below to approach and chat with girls.

Learn to talk to girls - three simple tips to improve your seduction strategies

Tip 1 - "Perform the interaction". You want to be the one who takes control of every conversation you have with her. Adjust the pace and guide the topics to areas that will help you seduce them. Be the one to ask questions and stay in control at all times.

Try to distance yourself from negative topics (e.g. when asking if you are a player). She will set traps you need to avoid, how to talk about her previous relationships and how they went badly, and will ask how to ask you to bring her a drink to show your worth.

Tip 2 - "Ready for anything." You always have to know where the conversation will go next.

You must have complete control over how you ask questions and how you respond to the questions you ask. Try to learn what she likes to talk about as this will help you in the long run. Some common topics that interest women are astrology, palm reading, and tarot cards.

The name for this type of skill is "cold reading" and the best pickups use it to attract women's attention. Just think about how much women read about these things in women's magazines. Since they invest time and money to read about this stuff, attracting a girl if you learn it can be really helpful.

Tip 3: - "Fractionation". This is a hypnotic seduction technique used by normal men to quickly make hot women fall in love with them - even in just 15 minutes. It's about guiding the woman through an emotional roller coaster ride - and feeling her emotionally "connected" to the man. Very effective - this technology caused a sensation in the underground seduction community due to its supposed powers.

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