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We all dream when we sleep. Dreams vary every day and give us an insight into many questions, about the future or convey important communication that comes from the spiritual world. It is therefore important to understand what these dreams actually convey to us. What we experience in our psychic dreams can reveal a lot about us.

However, it is very difficult to find out whether we have had an ESP dream or not. There are certain methods you can use to create your own psychic dreams, and reading these dreams will likely give you an insight into your future.

Have certain things ready, such as a small packet or a drawstring bag, one of the gemstones like amethyst, azurite, citrine, opal, snowflake or obsidian, and a combination of herbs, including jasmine, mint or pine, rose, and Chamomile. The importance of these gems is to better remember your psychic dream. The herbs are used so that you are able to receive psychic dreams. After all of these things are with you, sit back in a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Take a deep breath so that both your body and mind are completely relaxed. Now put the herbs first in the bag and then in the gem. Your dream bag is now ready for you.

Close the bag and your eyes. Imagine the herbs and gemstones do the necessary work for you. Hang this bag next to your bed or in a place where you sleep every day. If after a few days or months you feel that the herbs need to be replaced, do the same to prepare the dream bag. You can repeat this at any time. Your talisman for a psychic dream is ready for use.

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