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All right - it is getting closer and closer to the day of the year when everyone has beautiful chocolates in decorative cardboard boxes and big red hearts in their heads. As an astrologer, prone to love, romance, and anything chocolate-related, it's hard not to think about how all 12 signs of the zodiac could enjoy love on Valentine's Day. Just for fun, here is a brief overview of all twelve sun signs.


The Aries Sun Sign person is always ready, willing, and able to fall in love.

The person with the Taurus sun sign is never ready to share their chocolates.

The Gemini sun sign person can usually have several Valentines for shopping.

The person with the cancer sun sign prepares for this special day in advance and fills it with cards, a homemade dinner, a film and a large box of chocolate.

The person with the Leo sun sign intentionally waits for this day so that they can make a big Valentine's Day splash with big ticket gifts.

The Virgo Sun Sign person is the only sign of the zodiac that you can get away with without Valentine's Day - but usually the rain check is free on weekends.

The Libra Sun Sign person usually gets everything they want.

The person with the Scorpio sun sign wants the kind of gifts that they cannot show their mother.

The person of the Sagittarius sun sign likes to plan to spend Valentine's Day somewhere far away.

The person with the Capricorn sun sign is the only zodiac sign that no one has to buy anything - because they know that only their presence in your life says everything.

The person with the Aquarius sun sign buys gourmet chocolates that are changed every month from the Internet.

The person with the sun sign "Pisces" leaves love notes that you can find in your pockets, in the glove compartment and in the desk. They will prepare you for the big dive later in the evening.

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