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The astrological sign of birth of the fish is governed by Neptune. A person born between February 19 and March 20 is a fish. The birth sign symbolizes a pair of fish that swim in a circle from head to tail. The focus here is on life after death, which is commonly referred to as reincarnation.

Fish astrology refers to extremity in art, sensitivity and creativity. It also represents a struggle of the spiritual soul within a physical body.

A person born under this birth sign has unique and peculiar personality traits. Astrologers consider this sign the most interesting and impressive among the twelve zodiac signs. People with fish as birth signs are usually patient and meek. However, they lack inspiration.

Fish are famous for being deeply moved by their surroundings. It is also said that fish adapt well to their living conditions, whether good or bad. One of the positive characteristics of the personality in this birth sign is that it is pleasant, friendly, imaginative and intuitive. People born under this sign are great artists. They believe in mastery in a variety of areas. They are very loyal, friendly, family oriented and easily welcome new ideas in their lives. Fish can easily become very important in the field of art, especially when it comes to music, literature, theater and art. Style, luxury, pleasure and extravagance are the love of the fish. Ask a fish to go on an adventure and he / she will always be ready. This is why Pisces' hobbies include traveling to unique places. You can find a fish expert who instinctively responds to a particular situation.

Astrologers have come to the conclusion that they are too impractical to talk about the negative personality traits of fish. They live in a world of the book or a world that they have created themselves. This keeps them separate from the rest of the world. They cannot cope with highly structured or regulated situations. Being extremely emotional, demanding and intense is the darker side of this astrological sign. People around Pisces can see them as a real strain because of their tendency to be too intense and emotional. They love to clap a lot and are sometimes artificial and innocent. They are lazy, impractical, fearful, and extremely melancholy.

Fish astrology has a lot to predict when it comes to the job and career of fish. Fish manage to shine in this profession. They beat their competitors and do well in public service and law. Pisces are famous officers, lawyers and judges. They are intuitive and metaphysical. This also allows them to enjoy great careers in religion.

According to fish astrology, fish tend to be deeply affected and demotivated by rejection. Lack of determination and distraction from their target can be described as other negative characteristics in fish.

Life in bright sunny climates and near the water will be of great help to the fish. You should also avoid unrest and have a positive outlook on life.

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