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When was Jesus born?

For centuries, people have speculated on the exact date of birth of Jesus. Various hypotheses have been put forward to explain the report given in the Bible, but problems follow all the theories that have been discussed so far. The idea of ​​a star moving across the sky while not keeping up with the rest of the stars cannot be accepted scientifically. and of course this argument also applies to comets. However, a new theory has been developed that explains the Bible version and has scientific credibility. Interestingly, it also makes astrological sense.

Scientists theorized about the birth date of Jesus Christ

Historians have long known that there was up to 4 years of discrepancy about the birth of Jesus. The best estimate is always somewhere between 1 and 4%. Placed. Australian astronomer and news editor for Sky and Space magazine, Dave Reneke, believes he has solved the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem. He calculated that Venus, also known as the evening star, appeared on June 17, 2 BC. The same piece of night sky shared with Jupiter. This meant that people looking at the evening star saw a "star" that was slowly moving through the night sky and shining brighter than anything you normally see. These facts are consistent with the version of events in the Bible.

What did the magicians expect?

The magicians (commonly known as the three wise men) had access to the astronomical data that would have enabled them to anticipate this powerful alignment of the planets. They would also have recognized and accepted the importance of this very positive conjunction and even went to a place where its astrological impact would be greatest.

From an astrological point of view, this combination of planets shows the best of success, happiness and higher values. The astrologers of that day accepted these meanings of these planets; and they are still the same today. Since this connection took place under the sign of Leo, they would inevitably expect a child born that day to become a uniquely positive leader.

Is this a spiritual teacher's horoscope?

The planet Uranus represents large groups of people and there is a positive relationship (trine) to the spirituality of Neptune. The sun is also in twins and suggests a good communicator and educator. Primarily, the connection Mercury has with Uranus and Neptune indicates a person who has the ability to convey spiritual ideas to the masses.

Will there be trouble?

Problems arise when planets conflict. This is defined by planets with an angle of 90 or 180 degrees between them (each called a square and opposition). The sun is in strong conflict with Uranus, suggesting that groups of people can do harm. In addition, the sun collides with Pluto, indicating a political or belief-based (Pluto) conflict with the individual (Sun).

Is that the horoscope of Jesus?

Scientifically, the case seems to be the best that explains the biblical story of the birth of Jesus. Astrologically, a case can clearly be made that matches the person we know as Jesus. Interestingly, according to Chinese astrology, this means that Jesus was born in the year of the sheep and that the characteristics associated with the sheep most closely match the character of Jesus of all Chinese astrological signs.

It should be noted, however, that a similar event with Venus and Jupiter on August 12, 3 BC BC took place. This horoscope shows a healer and a person with high values. Both horoscopes are quite powerful, although for the first date I consider myself to be "more appropriate" in terms of history, astrology and astronomy.

Perhaps more remarkably, there were many people at this time in history who were widely known to have amazing healing powers. The climate was astrologically ripe for such people to enter the world stage.

Ultimately, it is up to each of us to decide whether a date other than Christmas is more meaningful for the profound historical event that was the birth of Jesus Christ.

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