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In astronomy, the zodiac is nothing more than the circle of constellations that lines the ecliptic, which is the sun's obvious path through the season. The moon and the nine planets also extend within the ecliptic and are within the group of the zodiac. Zodiacs are the signs that divide the ecliptic into twelve equivalent sectors of heavenly length.

History says that the division of the ecliptic into the signs of the zodiac in Babylonian astronomy began in the earliest half of the 1st millennium BC. This was most likely the case throughout the Neo-Babylonian period, which was previously long during the Bronze Age structures of the star list. At one point during the entire first half of the 1st millennium BC The alien ecliptic alienated a dozen equal sectors of the length of space to build the first recognized spatial coordinate system.

Babylonian astronomers found a match-up structure that has a number of good points over today's systems. For example the equatorial coordinate system or the ecliptic coordinate system as we call it. The Babylonian calendar, as it was in the 7th century BC. BC, assigned a constellation each month, starting with the location of the sun at the spring point. This was the Aries constellation, or the Age of Aries, for which the primary astrological sign is still known and mentioned because the Aries thought that the spring equinox had deviated from the Aries constellation.

On the other hand, a technical and scientific examination of the position of the constellations shows their strength in this section of the Bronze Age and thus shows an earlier origin of the constellations. Chaldea or the so-called Babylonia in the Hellenistic world was so recognized among Greeks and Romans with astrology. A 17th-century mural from the Living Column Cathedral in Georgia, depicting Christ surrounded by the zodiac, is from Babylonian and Egyptian astrology, sources say.

It is said that astrology first emerged in the Ptolemaic Egyptian society. The first illustration of the traditional and ancient zodiac with twelve characters found was the Dendera zodiac. Then came the time when Hindu astrology in the 2nd to 1st centuries BC Chr. Implemented the Hellenistic zodiac. This was a time of strong Indo-Greek civilizational cultural contact and ideological exchange.

It is worth noting that the communication of the zodiacal system with Hindu astrology in front of the far-reaching consciousness of the Hindu system was overcome by using a star coordinate system. This led to European society and the Hindu zodiacs, although they have the same starting point in Hellenistic astrology. Many authors have made similar points between the Babylonian zodiac and the Bible.

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