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Fortunately, after a long sleep, the world seems to be slowly awakening to recognize the need for a more holistic lifestyle, a more integrated view of health. Is health an almost unattainable goal or a natural state? I believe the healers and doctors who tell us that health is, or should be, our natural state. Instead of always looking for culprits who are responsible for our diseases, we may be able to take the first step towards perfect health and well-being by redefining what health really is.

There is an incredible genetic variation between humans, and from the astrology perspective, a variety of combinations of planetary influences are possible. Striving for an exact ideal numerical value for body mass index, blood pressure and body weight is not only unreasonable, but also burdens people who try to feel better and be healthier. Imagine that there is only one size of clothing in stores. Other than the lucky few who are actually that tall, the rest of the world would feel uncomfortable all the time.

Different people live from different eating habits, benefit most from different types of exercise and enjoy different work environments. Although medical astrology is a very sophisticated and technical area of ​​astrology, there are some things that laypeople can do in their quest for ideal health and well-being.

People who have most or all of their planets under male signs (fire: ram, lion, sagittarius or air: twins, Libra, Aquarius) can develop "dry" and "hot" conditions. High blood pressure, heart problems, stress, fever, etc. Once the disease has manifested, you need to see a qualified doctor, of course, but the key to health success is actually avoiding the disease.

Adding activities that bring water and earth energies, such as swimming, hiking, martial arts, playing or at least listening to music, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, will restore the elementary imbalance and therefore delay or completely avoid these potential health problems. Similarly, a slight change in diet to accommodate more "wet" and "cold" foods can make a big contribution to achieving balance. While you are healthy, there is absolutely no need for drastic changes. The gentle incorporation of these energies into our lives does not require large financial investments or a complete change in habits.

At the other end are people whose natal chart shows most or all of the planets in female signs (water: cancer, scorpion, fish and earth: bull, virgin, capricorn). Type 2 diabetes, joint problems, obesity, lethargy, and depression are often caused by this type of elemental imbalance. People with this planetary arrangement benefit greatly from explosive sports, aerobics, tennis, soccer, debates, lectures, participation in activities in large groups, etc. Hot spices, savory snacks, dry nuts, legumes, garlic, ginger or an increased diet can do this Restore balance by providing the missing fire and air energies. It's best to avoid eating too much candy, as refined sugar can be very harmful to everyone, especially people with this type of elemental imbalance.

Perfect physical and mental health are closely linked and very personal. What benefits some people could do absolutely nothing or even be harmful to others. To find the right way to stay healthy, you need to know your "self" and your place in the universe and be sure of your connection to the divine.

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