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There are simple ways to worship a deity according to the problem areas. First identify the problem. There are two problem areas; A problem is a person's real problem. For example: health - including pimples, acne, menstruation, cold, cough, indigestion, anemia, cancer, paralysis, etc., which are due to either the lack or excess of humor in the body, Vata, Pitta and Plegm. In addition to these, nerve function, blood flow, mind (psychosomatic), wear and tear of the body due to the advancement of age, etc. finances - including losses and improvements, sudden luck and money strikes, etc., job creation and job losses, difficulties in holding on at work, etc ., Marriage - Delay in marriage, collapse of marriage, children, etc. Find out the position of the planets for all these problems. Find out if there are any Doshas such as Kalasarpa Dosha exists. Find out Yogas, dashas, inherent in the horoscope. Then evaluate the problem. Before advising the drug, the Dosha if present, must be removed. Any remedy is only effective if the Dosha is removed. To remove KalasarpadoshaThe person must be advised to visit Kalahasti and the Dosha removed from Archana and pooja There. This will be the first step. The platform is ready to remedy the situation through worship. The next step would be to find out which of the planets are in a bad position and give the problems. Find out the houses and planets associated with the problems. When the planet and the house are identified, it becomes easier to find out the deity that represents this planet. To correct the house the house owner

must be identified. The Lord signifier must be identified. The other identifications include ownership, occupation, and aspects of the planets; Both on the houses and on the planets.

Pick a deity : It is very important to choose the most suitable deity for the specific problem based on the considerations mentioned in the previous paragraph above. Even with deities, there are various considerations. Lord Shiva is worshiped in its many forms, such as Rudra, Nataraja, Tandavamurthy, Jatadhari, Shiva-Parvathi, Meenakshi-Sundaresha,Etc. Lord Vishnu is worshiped in its many forms, such as Gopalakrishna, Kodanda Rama, Narasimha, Sita Rama, Lakshmi-Narasimhaetc. Also when worshiping the deity of

Narasimha, there are many differences. Lord Narasimha is identified in its various forms, such as Lakshmi-Narasimha, Yoga-Narasimha, Bhoga-Narasimha, Chintamni-Narasimha etc. For an effective and simple means, it is recommended to worship the deity with a companion. such as Shiva-Parvathi, Lakshmi-Narasimha and SitaRama.

The deities with their wives are easy to satisfy and the worshiper is blessed twice by both deities. But for the worship of the planet Ketu, the deity of Rudra alone is suggested. For the worship of Rahu, the deity of DurgaMata alone is suggested. Likewise, identifying the appropriate deity for an effective and immediate remedy becomes more important. It is said that God is everywhere and in everyone. But the means are not.

Here is a list of the deities to be worshiped in relation to them

Planet affected.

Sun - Lord Shiva or Vishnu on a Sunday

Moon - Lord Shiva on a Monday evening.

Mars - Lord Muruga, Lord Hanuman or Lord Lakshmi Narasimha on a Tuesday.

Mercury - Lord Srirama on a Wednesday.

Jupiter - Lord Ganesha on a Thursday.

Venus - goddess Lakshmi or Parvathi on a Friday.

Saturn - Lord Shiva on a Saturday evening or Lord Anjaneya on a Saturday morning or evening.

Rahu - goddess Durga on a Friday evening.

Ketu - Lord Shiva or Ganesha on a Thursday.

Select temple : To worship a deity you have to choose a very old temple. There are two types of temples. The first type are the temples that have existed since ancient times and still get the daily poojas and archanas etc. The second type of temples are those that have recently been built for practical or commercial reasons and that maintain the daily poojas and archanas regularly and sometimes with all the pomp and show. Avoid the second types. For every temple that is to be built, there are procedures with systems and methods. The Vastu, the installation, the energy supply or Prana Pratishtapana strictly by the deity according to Veda and Agamas are very important. Then only the deity gets the power to bless them

Pendant. In the old days, the temples were built after the Vastu or after the Sthalapurana or Mahime, mostly in remote areas or on mountains. There are reasons for choosing the location of a temple. The place, the installation process, the energy process all play an important role in the worship of a deity. Second, when choosing a temple and the deity, the chosen deity can usually offer several advantages due to the naturally associated other deities. For example, if you worship the goddess Lakshmi, then you choose Sita Mata as the deity that represents Venus and while worshiping the deity of Lakshmi, the other deities give Lord Vishnu as the deity of Rama who represents the planet Mercury, Lord Hanuman who represents the planet Mars, or Saturn to the worshiper also their blessings. This is different from the temple in which a group of deities is installed for commercial purposes only.

The next step would be to be careful with the Acrchaks in the temple when playing pooja. There is a tendency for the Archaques to scare the devotees and try to extract money. You do not have to be afraid of the Archaks, who are usually not very familiar with method and pronunciation or singing mantras. But you don't have to worry, you just have to use the help of such Archaks. Only one can ask them to follow a minimum of procedures. The Sankalpa, Archana, Pooja Archaks can be told in a special but simple way long in advance. Now I will give examples of the worship of some deities through a simple and methodical means of worship.

An example of the worship of the deity Lakshmi or Parvathi : If there is a problem with acne or pimples on the face that leads to a deformation of the cheeks, it must be Shukraditya yoga according to Phaladeepika. The remedies to the problems related to the marriage, the problems related to the removal of Daridrya, all are also received by the worship of the goddess Lakshmi or Parvathi with her accompanying deity. Likewise, every problem is connected in one way or another to planets and the presiding deity. Here in the problem area of SukradithyaYogaThe planets to be appeased are the Sun and Venus. For Sun the deity is Shiva and for Venus the deity is Parvathi.

Srilalitha, Trpurasundari, Meenakshi Name them by every name. "What's in a name", who said that? But there is everything in name and deity. You cannot replace a certain pooja with another deity of the same god. One has to make little effort and should not resort to the comfort of the worshiper. For example, Parvathi is also recognized as Shakti Devatha, such as Chandi, Durga, Chamundi, Kali etc. These deities are said to be worshiped for other purposes. Planet Venus is too happy for our present purposes. The beautiful, the pleasant, the almighty, which not only has all the wealth, but also enjoys the exhibition and decoration, with all the pomp and fame, all these are the nature and characteristics of the goddess Parvathi or Lakshmi. In the incarnation of such enamored, kind, gracious, glorious and yet with all these generous granting of blessings, the attributes of the deity represent the planet Venus. Worship her. Because it's easy to satisfy. Adore her and start the pooja on one Shuklapaksha First Friday, then five Fridays. A simple pooja and archana is enough. But only the peculiarity is to decorate them with lotus flowers. This part of the lotus flower offering is very important throughout the Pooja worship process. While worshiping either Lakshmi or Parvathi, you are not just worshiping the female deity. Goddess Lakshmi is found together with Lord Narasimha or Lord Srirama etc., goddess Parvathi is found together with Lord Shiva or Lord Sundaresha with its many names and incarnations. As you worship a deity of the female God, you also worship her husband, the great Lord. The planet Rahu is also worshiped by the goddess Durga or Amba All in all, the almighty deity of Durga is the original deity of Shakthi in its wildest form it killed the demons and destroyed them Asuri-Shakthi. She calls the Dharma on this earth the trust of the Satvic Pendant. It is liberation.

she is Mukthi. She is worshiped in the evening or at night. Lord Shiva is also worshiped during the night to reconcile the planet Saturn. So are the times the offerings to a

A particular deity, process, etc. are different for different planets and their deities. The following are the procedures in worshiping a deity.

  • .
  • Sankalpam : Make a vow to the deity that the person will undertake a pooja who utter their Gotra & Pravara and pray without hindrance for the Lord's blessing for the pooja through the grace of Lord Vighneshwara.

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  • Archana : Offer of flowers or kunkumam that pronounce the different names of the deity 100 times Shatanamarchana or 1000 times if it is Sahasranamarchana.

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  • Flowers : Specific flowers are to be offered. Mostly the lotus blooms like with goddess Lakhmi or Parvathi. Pushpamala from jasmine, crysenthium, Dasavala etc., such as wise Bilvapatra and Tulasi are also offered to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

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  • Naivedyam: Prepare and offer the right prasadam.

For example: - curd cheese and chopped rice, wheat flour and joggery laddus for Mercury or Kodanda Rama. Kadubu or Obbattu, Vadehara are also offered to all Vishnu Devatas, including Anjaneya. For Vighneshwara and Lord Shiva ...

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