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Gem therapy is an important healing arm of Indian horoscopic astrology. The old astrological writings consistently mention the relationship between color, planets and gemstones. Color, like 'sound', is an 'energy' representation in the cosmos. The colors are arranged in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We see the relationship perfectly because we have seven chakras or energy centers along the spine of our body and each is assigned to a specific color in the correct order of light colors that go through a prism. Astrology has proven that the cosmic rays that manifest themselves in different wavelengths (colors) have unique effects on our mind and body. Different signs of the zodiac have different affinities for certain colors, which can be classified as happy (cheap) or unhappy (unfavorable).

Gemstone selection according to horoscope reading

In general, it is always best to buy the best gems you can afford, and the highest quality stones are gems like ruby, emerald, sapphire, and diamond. These are known to work best in gem therapy and are usually recommended in a gem horoscope reading. It has also been found that the less effective stones called substitutes such as topaz, turquoise, etc. work well and are less expensive, although they need to be worn in a larger size to achieve the same strength of effects achieve, but this fact is not confirmed.

To get the best effect from a gem, wear it after you have cleaned it, rinsed it in purified water, and exposed it to direct sunlight for a few hours. For each gem there are certain days of the week, e.g. B. Monday for pearl, Tuesday for coral, Wednesday for emerald, Thursday for yellow sapphire, Friday for diamond, Saturday for blue sapphire and Sunday for ruby. Gemstones should generally be worn on the right for men and on the left for women. Gemstones can be worn either on the corresponding finger as a ring or on the upper arm as a bangle. Alternatively, the gemstone can be worn around the neck; Most importantly, the gem is set to touch the skin. This is called an "open cut", where the gem is visible from the bottom half of the ring and touches the body when worn. The logic is that cosmic rays have to be transmitted to the wearer's body.

In an Indian horoscope, gemstones are prescribed as the first choice for ascendants and the (best) yoga karaka planet, but only if these hosts are not associated with malicious houses or with maraka or bhadhak houses (death-causing houses). If the Ascendant Lord and the Yoga Karaka (best) planet are connected to malicious or deadly houses, other planets will be considered for gem selection. Indian astrology recommends that gems be worn only for charitable planets, as they do no harm to the wearer when strengthened. If you give more power to a malicious planet, its destructive capacity only increases. So you have to be on the safe side and always choose the best gemstone horoscope made by a good astrologer. Best Horosope Reading is one that follows all the rules set by Vedic astrology so as not to put the wearer at risk.

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