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Did you know that the moles that appear regularly on your skin will also play a role in your future and not only indicate changes in your body? Some people can tell from their moles on their bodies. This is called moleoscopy or moleomancy, and even molesophy. Different people have different names for it. This art of fortune telling is fairly unknown, but is rapidly gaining popularity.

This art is ancient and was practiced by the Greek astrologer Hippocrates, the master of the signs of the zodiac. Reading moles is also widely used in Chinese astrology. According to the Chinese, all moles are lucky if they are hidden in the body.

Birthmarks that appear in different parts of the body mean a different phase of life, and the predictions include different incidents that can occur. Moles always appear in different phases of life. If you pay attention, you will observe the trends in your life and relate them to the new mole in your body.

When moles appear on the face, they have a deeper meaning. Even moles, if they are pure black or red, are good for the person. If they have hair, it is usually considered unfortunate. A mole in the middle of the forehead would mean that the person has poor relationships with parents or the elderly, including the boss. When the mole is on the nose, they have financial difficulties. However, there are no statistics on the extent to which these predictions apply.

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