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So you learn magic and want to find real magic, but what is magic? Can someone cast a spell? Is it like Harry Potter, where I just say a few funny words, wave my wand around and "poof" what I want appears? Of course not. But there are spells that really work.

We have to define what magic is. defines a spell as "a word, phrase or form of words that is said to have magical power; charm; summoning: the magician cast a spell; a state or time of enchantment: she was under a spell; everyone dominant or irresistible influence; fascination: the magic of beautiful music. "A magic is therefore a word (and an action) with which energy is focused in order to influence a desired result.

We have to understand what is the difference between white magic and black magic? White magic spells consume positive energy, while black magic spells consume negative energy to achieve the result. It is the caster's intention that determines whether the energy gathered is white or black. If you are trying to control someone else's free will, black magic is your intention. It is important to remember the Wicca triple law: Whatever is poured returns three times to the caster.

We need to determine what kind of spell will give us the results we want. There are many types of spells, including love, protection, money, success, health, self-confidence, concentration, or revenge.

We have to research, where do we look for spells? There are many resources to find spells.

Google: Searching online websites for spells can be daunting because you need to go through all the junk spells that offer outrageous claims. There are also so many websites that are just trying to sell you their services without offering anything practical.

Youtube: You can find real spells on YouTube. Even better, many videos show you the steps for the spell. But there are also many misleading titles or descriptions that turn out to be advertising.

Bookstores: There are many good bookstores that offer magic books like Barnes and Noble or Borders. They offer quite a wide variety. Online bookstores like have it all, but if you're like me, you'll want to read the book first to see if it contains the spells you want to cast.

Metaphysical business: Hit or Miss Finding Good Magic Books. Some stores are mega stores with everything you might need to practice Magick, while others are specialty stores with limited space for magic books.

Libraries: Many public libraries have a good selection, but of course you have to return the books at some point. Some public libraries have sections of video where you may find magic demonstrations.

We need to know, can someone cast a spell? Yes! Everyone can cast a spell. The only requirement is that you really believe that the spell will work. Your faith gathers the energy needed to cast the spell. The spell itself is a tool to focus this energy to achieve the desired result.

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