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Roll out the skyball?

The general James Bond movie Skyfall is out today, and from the perspective of Feng Shui, you must have chosen a good timing when choosing this date. Not surprisingly, the film is said to have cost a whopping £ 93.7 million ($ 150 million). Who would not use the right timing to maximize their return on such an investment? Kerching!

There are many ways to choose a cheap timing, and relatively recently, an Asian construction company won a multi-billion dollar global contract, avoiding heavy late penalties. "Going with the Flow", as sometimes called good timing, is used worldwide by those who know about its track record. launch, host, reveal, or announce important events. Let's look at some of the options available today.

In Tong Shu or Chinese almanac, today's day is listed as an "open day". A happy day to reveal or present something new. In Chinese astrology it is a metal monkey day that has a special award in the Chinese zodiac as "The Reformer". A perfect day to give up something or develop new concepts. As a result, the classic Bond Martini in Skyfall is replaced by a Heineken can, the privilege of which cost the warehouse company almost a third of the film's cost.

Although Skyfall's general release is today, the world premiere was actually three days ago on October 23; A day that is favorable for new cycles and long-term partnerships. Since this film breaks records in its partnerships with sponsors, it is very appropriate. In the 28 moon villas, however, the moon appears in the ghost Constellation, so we hope this aspect doesn't turn around to pursue it.

If we look at the Chinese astrological elements of Yang metal, which indicate heaven or sky, and Monkey's metal elements, which denote spherical shapes (spheres), you can see the inspiration behind today's title. In addition, the Chinese zodiac Monkey Day and Dog Month are the beginning and the end of a spectacular alignment. You only need the tap to complete and complete it. Hahn stands for entertainment and the showman.

In Chinese mythology, the rooster is known as the bird that cannot fly but makes a lot of noise. It can point to critics. So if you have film critics on board, Skyfall will be the surefire success it deserves. The really clever aspect of today's happy times, however, is that entertainment and critics go aside. Between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. we enter the double hour of the rooster, which completes the triple alignment of monkey, rooster and dog to create the strongest metal element ever. This can be compared to pure gold and is an outstanding asset to the fire element of the film industry and its director Sam Mendes. In Britain and Ireland, where the film opens today and this evening at tea time, it could be a PT Barnum moment feel like we're all part of the biggest show in the world!

Back on firm ground, the Chinese almanac grins positively and recommends meditating or honoring ancestors, asking for blessings, attending a course, visiting friends, doing a haircut, sweeping the house, traveling, getting engaged , getting married, exchanging gifts, doing an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing treatment, emigrating, opening and trading, renovating a house or office, laying foundations, repairing a roof, buying a bed, or set the direction for your bed, open a watercourse and a good.

The properties and compatibility of Metal Monkey are covered on our special website. Since the business is very busy at the moment, we will not return until next Wednesday. Until then, have fun!

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