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You can learn about a person's characteristics, personality traits and inner secrets while reading a face. Different parts of our face represent different areas of our lives. As a good start, this article will guide you through face reading on the eyes. The eyes are very important as they are the first one we come into contact with when we look at a person's face. The eyes represent the happiness of a person aged 35 to 40. If the condition of the eyes is bad, this person in this age group becomes unhappy. Therefore, it is important to keep our eyes clear, to look energetic and not to look weak and sleepy as the eyes play an important role in controlling our happiness.

A person with saggy or sleepy eyes is more likely to be no older than 35 years. People with big eyes, on the other hand, are full of love and can easily gain fame. They usually love to talk and are full of passion. Men love to look at beautiful women with big eyes. However, it is also easy for them to detach themselves from their lovers. Small-eyed people are usually more careful and loyal to their loved one. They also have better analytical skills. The person tends to examine the details of all matters, even though the matter may not be very important.

One of the important areas of face reading on the eyes is also looking at the person's iris. The iris represents the water element, ie the ability to prosper. If someone has a large iris, he or she can enjoy great wealth. They usually set high goals. The iris should cover a larger area than the sclera (white of the eye) and be clearly separated. Those who have more sclera compared to the iris are usually people who put themselves above others. They are usually selfish and will try to do what they want with all possible means. If the border between iris and sclera is clearly separated, the person should be lucky.

Clear eyes are a good sign that a person's health is robust. A person with protruding eyes has bad luck between 35 and 40 years. A woman's husband who has protruding eyes will encounter much failure even between the ages of 35 and 40. Watery and damp eyes are signs that a person has a lot of romance and can cause many marital problems due to their involvement in extramarital affairs. It also indicates that this person is very emotional and can be caused by their unhappy marriage.

To sum up, the most important thing is that we make sure that our eyes have no red nerves. This ensures that exams, marriages, interviews, or performance reviews are successful. So when we go to an important meeting, we always have to make sure that our eyes are clear and fresh. We can do this by wearing a bottle of eye drops so that our eyes always look clear and full of energy. Sufficient sleep is certainly the best thing before the exam, the meeting or the interview!

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