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W D Gann was one of the greatest traders of all time and used astro charts in trading. He made over $ 50 million in the stock market. His theory was based on cycles that history repeats.

He claimed that stock market movements are cyclical and that stock market dynamics are pure math! One day the market rises 2% and the next day it falls 2%. What else can the movement be apart from mathematics? Mathematical and astrological principles are the basis of all.

The cyclic or the periodic law

Everything is cyclical. Shelleys "When winter comes, can spring be far behind?" corresponds to the stock market equation "If a recession comes, can boom be far behind?" The law of bipolarity in nature - rise and fall, river and ebb, day and night, pleasure and pain, birth and death - corresponds to the profit and loss on the stock exchange. The technical analysis shows that all scrips have regular and recurring patterns of price behavior. If you watch India's leading stock, Reliance, you will find that it rose during the boom and declined sharply during the recession.

In his recently published book, Mr. Henry Hall devoted a lot of space to the "cycles of prosperity and depression", which he regularly found again and again. The mathematical laws that we have applied in Zodiac Stock Market Astrology reflect these cyclical fluctuations and identify the primary, secondary and tertiary trends. With these mathematical methods the resistance and the support levels of the Sensex and all important scripts can be determined.

The fourfold economic movement

The fourfold movement of an economic cycle is - revival, expansion, recession and contraction.

Gann said: "If we want to prevent speculation from failing, we have to deal with causes. Everything that exists is based on exact relationship and perfect relationship. There is no chance in nature because the highest order mathematical principles are the basis of all . " Things "

90% of today's dealers are "lottery dealers" based more on luck than research. Stock trading is very lucrative and unfortunately there are no short cuts. It is said that trading is easy, but trading at a profit is not! A lot of time should be invested in research and study. Lottery retailers believe in reading only one book and becoming a millionaire the next day.

Like buying a lottery ticket and testing your luck (with the probability that the investor will get the first prize is one in 2 million). 90% of all traders lose money due to lack of discipline, patience and knowledge. All you need to be successful is just common sense. If you're familiar with math, you can take the bacon home with you. Like W.D. Gann states: "If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you can do what I do."

"It is so easy and easy to solve problems and get correct answers and results with numbers that it seems strange that few people rely on them to predict the future of companies, stocks and commodities markets. The basic principles are easy to learn and understand. Whether you use geometry, trigonometry or calculus, you use the simple rules of arithmetic. You only do two things: you increase or decrease. "WD Gann (from his stock market price)

Elliot Wave Theory & Exchange Astrology

Elliott came to the conclusion that the movement of the stock market can be predicted by observing and identifying a repeating wave pattern. We meant the same thing when we talked about planetary cycles in our previous articles. In fact, Elliott believed that all human activity, not just the stock market, was affected by these identifiable wave series. We thought the same thing that human activity can be predicted by these planetary cycles.

Astroeconomic cycles

Stock market astrology states that planetary cycles affect business cycles. When we combine the two, we get the term astroeconomic cycles. The transit of the financial planet Jupiter affects a nation's economy. A negative Jupiter in the US horoscope is responsible for the case of the Dow. We find that the international indices have fallen. Only in India is there a stock market boom that can be attributed to Jupiter's favorable position in the fifth moon.

If we track GDP growth by 2020, China, the second US and the third India will be number 1!

Secondary reactions are natural and the market will recover after the correction is complete. Grasim, Satyam Computers & Bharti Tele had reported excellent results. Grasim is among the cement companies. Forbes includes Satyam, Infosys & Wipro in the list of the best companies in India in their magazine. Bharat Forge too. Knowledge, patience and discipline alone can win the game for us, as Gann noted!

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