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Eating habits are a native's specific eating habits that are influenced by their social, cultural, religious, economic, environmental, and political factors. It refers to the way of eating together with the quantity and quality of the food.

From astrology, you can judge each person's eating habits by carefully watching their horoscope.

Factors that affect eating habits are:

  • Ascendant: Shows general similarity and tendencies.
  • 2. House / Mister: Displays general eating and drinking habits.
  • 6. House / Mister: Indicates the quality of the food.

Different eating habits:


  • Harmful aspects of Ascendant / Moon in the birth chart indicate problematic eating habits that can lead to weight problems.
  • Jupiter placed in Ascendant indicates excessive eating habits.
  • Mars, which has a strong relationship with the Ascendant and its Lord, shows a tendency towards hot drinks such as tea, coffee, etc. and the similarity to spicy food.

2nd house:

  • If the lord of the 2nd house is a beneficent planet and is brought to a convenient place, the native will eat less.
  • If the master of the 2nd house is a malefactor and is influenced by a malefactor, the native will indulge in overeating.
  • If the lord of the 2nd house is a benefactor and is viewed by a malefactor or vice versa, the native is a moderate eater.
  • If the Lord of the 2nd is chosen in his own sign / exaltation / by the benefactor, the native will eat with comfort.
  • Lord of 2nd is placed in Aries / Cancer / Libra / Capricorn or if the benefactor planet affects the 2nd house, the native will eat very quickly.
  • Viciously placed / aspect 2. House, the native will eat very slowly.
  • Rahu, who influences the 2nd house, points to non-vegetarian eating habits.

6th house:

  • Jupiter / Merkur in the 6th house shows the tendency to salty foods.
  • Strong Jupiter in the 2nd / 10th House shows a preference for sweet things.
  • The Venus / Mars placed in the 6th house indicates a similarity to acidic foods.
  • Venus and Mercury in combination show attraction for sweet food.
  • Jupiter and Venus, looking at the 6th house, indicate the propensity for sweet foods.
  • Taurus as a sign of the 6th indicates the tendency to rice and potatoes.
  • Leo as the sixth sign in the horoscope shows the love for non-vegetarian food.
  • Mercury-related nausea indicates an aversion to sweet foods.

Eating habits following the signs of the ascendant:

Aries: You are extremely impatient. They eat in a hurry and in fear. They like hot beverages such as tea, coffee, etc. In general, they have irregular eating habits that can affect their digestive systems.

Bull: The native born under this sign likes traditional and energetic food. They love rice, potatoes and other carbohydrates. They like to eat salads and other healthy foods.

Twins: They eat in small portions. They love snacks and starters. In general, they do other jobs while eating, such as watching TV, reading books, clapping, etc. They generally eat before going to sleep. You drink a lot of water.

Cancer: Because of their sensitive stomach and digestive system, they are very careful when choosing their diet. You have a weakness for alcohol and wine. They are very obsessed with sweet food; therefore, they are aware of weight gain in later periods. Your diet is generally lacking in calcium.

Lion: You have regular and disciplined eating habits. Due to their high metabolic rate, they often needed food and lots of water. In general, they eat very quickly. You love the company of colleagues or relatives while eating. They prefer warm soups and meals. You should pay attention to fat and spicy products in your diet in order to recognize heart diseases.

Virgin: They are very health conscious. Your diet is full of nutritional values. Because of their slow metabolic rate, they tend to gain weight very easily. If you should avoid overeating and using fatty foods. You should include spicy and dairy products in your diet.

Libra: They are very aware of their weight. You have a weakness for sweet foods. The taste and presentation of food are important to them. They love aromatic, deliciously cooked dishes. They include more vegetables in their diet. Your immunological system can be affected by poor eating habits.

Scorpio: Since they are a watermark, they can indulge in overeating due to stress and anxiety. You should check your alcohol consumption and prefer small meals over large meals.

Sagittarius: They are very aware of their health. Because of their hasty nature, they eat very quickly. They tend to be overweight. You should avoid excess alcohol products to avoid skin and liver damage. You should include water, high protein and dairy products in your diet.

Capricorn: They are health conscious and do not compromise on their eating habits. They pay more attention to the quality of the food than the quantity. They always prefer simple food and don't experiment much with their diet. They don't like other activities while eating. You should include more protein and calcium in your diet to maintain healthy bones, teeth, and skin.

Aquarius: In general, they are light eaters and mainly feed on low-calorie meals. They are less interested in eating. They do not eat essential meals during the day and depend mainly on snacks. They are very fond of coffee and tea. They never got sick because of their irregular and indiscriminate eating plans

Fishes: You have changeable eating habits depending on the situation. They like a variety of foods on their menu. They usually have a lower metabolism and sluggish digestion; Therefore, you should avoid excess salt and alcohol. You need to drink excess water for detoxification and should include iron-rich foods in your diet.




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